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The Honda Grom is one of the trending models of motorcycles in the industry. The first version of this air-cooled motorcycle was designed in 2014 by Honda Motor Company Inc. It has become a standard class motorcycle since its inception in Thailand, witnessing multiple variations in its production and assembling. It is worthy of mention because of its fast popularity. It won the year’s motorcycle award in 2014, less than a year of its release.

Features of the Honda Grom

The Honda Grom is a compact bike with a styling that resembles that of a sportbike. It is popularly called MSX125 and marketed as this label in Europe and East Asia. It is also dubbed as a Monkey Bike among its users. This is due to its resemblance to the Honda Z series. The only difference is that the Z series was much popular in the 20th century, smaller in size, and features a 50cc engine with 5-inch tires.

The first model of the Honda Grom launched in 2014, looked a bit like a scooter. It comes with 30 inches seat height and 12-inch thick tires. These made them sound more like a minibike, making it more challenging to categorize them as scooters or motorcycles.

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In 2017, however, a little remodeling was done by the company, which birthed the introduction of a new LED light to the design. The improved model has a lightweight and good gas mileage making it a favorite among most commuters. It was easier to drive, maneuver at top speeds, and alleviate the problem associated with parking spaces.

The only con to this model is the small storage space, which means riders have to pack their tools or properties using a backpack. However, Honda compensated for this storage issue by increasing Grom’s top speed.

The Distinguishing Feature of the Honda Grom: CHASSIS

Honda Grom incorporated a mono-backbone steel frame in its design and a four-speed transmission that directs its rear wheel. The engine is air-cooled with a single-cylinder system. Grom uses hydraulic discs serving as brakes that were imbued such that the twin-pot caliper binds a 220mm front disc to a 190mm rear, and a single-pot caliper.

The front suspension makes use of an inverted fork. This fork stands at 25 degrees and is useful for the trail and the wheelbase, which measures 3.18 inches and 47.2 inches. A rear mono-shock with a digitalized instrument cluster was also incorporated into the design. Grom has ten spokes with a cast rim that is covered by 12-inch hoops.

This air-cooling automobile features rocker arms that ride on roller bearings. There is also the offset-cylinder, which effectively reduces friction while pedaling. This cylinder also has a way of increasing the bike’s durability and longevity by preserving the bore and piston from getting spoilt quickly.

Pros & Cons of The Honda Grom

The bike starts so well at about 134 mpg, with the 125cc engine. It is quite light and moves at top speed. It also has a specialized attachment for extra persons or goods; however, it is best designed to ride alone. Its speed rate tends to slow down when two people ride it, or a massive package is placed on the bike.

Apart from this, adding extra weight to the bike also affects the rear wheel, causing a lack of balance. Having more than one person riding on the bike might be best for locations like towns, but commuters who move in major cities might not relate so well with the Grom motorbike.

The tiny seat is another turn-off part of Grom. They are so tiny that sitting on them can be quite discomforting, especially when riding long distances. Not to mention the hardness that accompanies the rear sit design, making it difficult to sit on as a passenger, if you wish to enjoy it.

The mirrors are also more decorative than useful. This is because of their extreme closeness to the bike’s body, which means that the best view you can get is your elbow while riding the bike. It is tiny and lightweight. This makes it easier to ride in traffic or confined regions. Bikers will choose Grom over scooters because of this feature as it can drag a peg or lean over if there is a need for it.

Grom’s top speed is around 58 to 62 mph, and it is not advisable to move with this bike at this speed on the highway because of the bike’s weight.


Since its redesign in 2017, the price of Honda’s Grom has risen to a little above $3,000. The new version that launched in 2017 costs about $3,199. The next year, the price rose to $3,349 for models without ABS and $3,549 for the ones with the ABS. The price went slightly higher in 2019 to $3,399 for models without ABS and $3,599 for models with ABS. It has retained this price ever since.

In conclusion, the Honda Grom has a broad catalog of bikes with different hues of colors to its name. The color varies from matte gray metallic to pearl red, pearl white, and bright yellow. These colors were more prevalent in 2018. The year 2018 also saw the introduction of cherry red, blue raspberry, and Halloween green.

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