A solution for your back pain and low productivity

Are you a premier example of frequent back pain? Are you one of the several million office-goers who has to sit and work 9-6: about 8 to 9 hours in your same uncomfortable old seat whose sponges and cushions have taken the shape of your butt after suffering from rigorous compression, leaving you completely drained physically and mentally and gifting you with a sore back? Or are you suffering from spondylosis or any other spine problem that makes you want to relax and give your near-death neck, taking its last breath, a resting place? If you belong to any of the above-mentioned categories then it’s high time you do some changes to your desk and introduce a standing desk or else say “Sionara” bye to your healthy body posture and “Youkoso” welcome to constant aches that are going to be your long time friends in old age.

What is the standing desk?

If some of are you completely unknown to the standing culture in offices and about the standing desks, then don’t worry, why fear when the ‘standing’ desk is here to alleviate all your lifelong suffering of sitting in a constant place and ruin your body. So, this kind of standing desk is one of the modernized form of the traditional desks that we use in our home. These desks are more convinient and built as per the needs and comfort of the users.

The special features of an adjustable standing desk: a subsidiary of standing desk is that their height can be adjusted as desired, so users don’t have to worry about sitting the whole day in one place or making any acute problems chronic. The desks come in varied forms and sizes, according to the needs of the consumers. The suitable kind of adjustable standing desks will have the highest range of height difference with sliders that make the next to make no noise while adjusting the height.

What types of the standing desk should we use?

Many types of standing desks can be bought according to one’s needs, purpose, situation and budget. If it’s for a person above 50 years of age, then an automatic standing desk will be the best choice. An automatic standing desk or an electric standing desk can be adjusted by just pushing the button, generally given at the top of the desk. This saves the individual from doing the chore of adjusting himself/herself. An automatic standing desk will be the best pick for a physically disabled person, someone who is extremely sick or suffering from old age.

If money is your main concern or you have fond memories attached to the desk that you don’t want to replace; then you can bring over Diy standing desk that would be kept over your existing desk to comprehend the height. It takes a lot of space so that’s a con, but who cares about a little space when you can preserve your memories or money.

The other type would be the l-shaped standing desk that is used to fit a small group of people. They are best used in conference and discussions; also they can be placed in the corner of the room making the room look trendy. If you are an employer then this will be your round table and you the King Author.

Upsides of having a standing desk:

There are many benefits of a standing desk other than maintaining a relaxing posture. It also helps in blood circulation and metabolism and gives the user the freedom of movement, unlike a traditional desk.

Apart from being just a stand-up desk, Standing Desk has its benefits of let’s talk about those:

  • Lower Your Rate Of Weight Gain:

One thing we all agree to be that sitting will make us gain weight, but we can’t do anything during office hours, because of the standing desk we can easily work by keeping our health needs in check and jump across the chance of becoming obese.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that after lunch, sitting for a long time will increase your blood pressure which is not good for health. Standing Desk helps you to control your blood pressure because it will help you stand up for as long as you can.

  • Reduce Back Pain

Sitting for hours makes our back stiff, hence, the back pain. No matter how important work we are doing we have to take a break and get up and that will ruin the concentration but now due to the blessing, we got we can get up and start working. A standing desk will kill the shooting pain we feel.

There are a lot more benefits like – improve energy level, boost productivity, reduce the risk of heart disease and much more.

Types of Standing Desk

Nothing comes in one piece nowadays, we have different types of hairbrushes so, and how such a creative idea stays back? There are tons of variety on standing desks we are going to be talking about a few bellow:

  • Adjustable Standing Desk

People are shifting to standing desks in a very short period due to the obvious benefits it has to offer. To make it more comfortable for the people Adjustable standing desk was launched it comes with the adjustable feature of how long we want it to be it can even be folded up and can become the normal sitting desk. The standing desk frame is the secret behind the desk being so flexible.

  • Automatic Standing Desk

The name speaks for itself, Adjustable standing desk has to be done manually, you have you manually adjust the desk but with Automatic standing desk, that problem is also solved all you have to do is push a bottom and your desk is arranged as you want it to be.

  • L-Shaped Standing Desk

L-Shaped Standing desks are well suited for offices where there is plenty of room in the corners. This is because these L-shaped desks fit in the corners of the room like a puzzle piece and offer double space. This means that if you own an L-shaped desk located in the corner of your room, you can easily share your space with an associate without feeling congested.

  • DIY Standing Desk

Standing Desk can be expensive and you want one for yourself at home there are tons of tutorial on the internet for you to try making a DIY standing desk so if got some time to spare, make a standing desk for yourself or your loved ones.


If you are looking for comfortable chairs, an ergonomic chair can be one of the best options for you. It offers several benefits to your posture and physical condition. A standing desk and ergonomic chair can be a boon for your office and its overall productivity.

So, when are you going to buy your own personal standing desk?



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