A Simple and Detailed Guide to Choosing a Good Minecraft Server


Minecraft is a beloved video game among people of different age groups worldwide. Due to the vast masses of people logging in daily to play the famous game, servers are urgently needed. Gaming servers take credit for analyzing the inputs from one player’s game to other gamers in actual playing time. Servers properly distribute information to players who are connected to the game at the same time as other players. There are four types of gaming servers: peer-to-peer servers, listen-peer servers, dedicated servers, and listener servers. However, the factors that should major in your search remain the same, regardless of the server you want to join. Sometimes, you can forego the idea of joining a server and creating one for yourself and other willing players.

The population

When choosing a server, considering the number of people who have joined the server is of utmost importance. For better gaming experiences, always join servers with at least 100 people since several gamers in a multiplayer game make things much more enjoyable. If you don’t want a large group, you could also settle for a server with at least fifty players logged in. You can also Go through online reviews and see what server most gamers prefer, then try to log into it and analyze our experience later.

Rules and regulations

Most Minecraft servers have rules, and it would be wise to stick to the laws of the server you join. Read the server’s rules before joining to know all you need to know beforehand. Knowing what is allowed and what is not before will prevent you from getting into trouble. To access the rules, you could visit the about page of the server.

Check the Server’s Website and Forum

Even though it may seem like a no-brainer, the server administrators’ and moderators’ websites will demonstrate to their customers how to use the multiplayer server. A fun and successful online presence is unquestionable on an excellent gaming server, bringing in more gamers. A great way to determine whether a service is legitimate is by looking at the website’s online presence.

Lags, crashes, and hacker attacks 

Sometimes, hackers attack as well. Minecraft servers will have a very high “up-time,” but no server is always online. Any server that claims to be accessible at all times hides something from its customers. The lag issues typical of global multiplayer and all online gaming will significantly depend on where you play on the server. Please do not waste your time on a gaming server where administrators and moderators manipulate block ads to prevent cheating. Additionally, avoiding servers that lack the resources necessary to foster a strong sense of community would be beneficial.


It can be tedious to pick a good Minecraft server. There are thousands of options, and you’re bound to find something you like, but where do you begin? With the assistance of the preceding text, locate servers and determine whether or not they are fun and active.

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