A Shower Brush is the Bathroom Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

            When you go into your bathroom or any bathroom for that matter, what do you see? Maybe a toilet, some toilet paper, towels, soap, etc. But what you probably don’t see is a shower brush.

            You probably don’t own a shower brush. Not that many people do. But it’s one of those things that will change your world once you get one.

            So, what is a shower brush? And what is it used for?

            A shower brush is basically exactly what it sounds like. It’s a brush that you use in the shower.

            But more specifically, shower brushes are used to scrub your body. A typical shower brush consists of a handle of sorts and bristles. They come in all shapes and sizes, including both hand-held and long-handled brushes.

            Shower brushes may seem excessive, but they’ve actually been around for a long time. They date back to ancient times, being used by everyone from the ancient Egyptians, to the Greeks, and even the Japanese.

            In ancient times, the concept of dry body brushing was especially popular. Dry brushing was an exfoliation technique, used by both royalty and everyone else.

            Back then, these brushes were typically made out of different kinds of materials, like sand and even corn cobs. They didn’t necessarily use the same kinds of bristled brushes that we use today.

            The ancient Chinese actually used dried fruits and vegetable fibers, fashioning them into sponges to use for dry brushing.

            And while now, the idea of brushing your skin can be considered more of a routine act, back in the day it was an art form.

            Nowadays, the idea of exfoliation is usually combined with the use of some kind of wet scrub. While dry brushing is still around in evolved forms, other kinds of exfoliation have become just as popular.

            You’ve probably heard about exfoliating your face. It’s a great way to combat acne and dry skin. Whether wet or dry, brushing your skin is primarily performed to get rid of dead skin cells and general dirt and grime.

            And even though dry brushing isn’t a technique used as often, shower brushes can be used wet or dry, so if you get one, you have the capacity to try out either.

            But now, why is dry brushing good for you?

            As mentioned before, brushing your skin helps remove unwanted debris, including dead skin cells. But in addition, brushing your body is said to help detoxify your body and skin. This is because brushing helps stimulate your lymphatic system.

            Brushing your body can also help with circulation and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. It can also help you relax, not just by being part of self-care, but by actually massaging you. As such, using a shower brush can help you alleviate stiff muscles like your neck, back, or even shoulders.

            When combined with exfoliating scrubs, a shower brush can be especially great for improving your skin’s health, by both getting rid of old skin cells and also by supplementing your skin with active and natural ingredients.

            Like how the ancient Chinese once used dried natural ingredients, many scrubs used in exfoliation are packed full of nutrients. Many exfoliating scrubs are designed specifically to help clear and clean your skin while also making sure it stays soft and hydrated. Ingredients like cocoa butter, citrus, and essential oils are fairly common to find.

            So now, if you’re thinking that you should invest in a shower brush, look no further. Here’s how you would use one.

            For dry brushing, many people have created a sort of regimen. And your regimen, or routine, will vary, depending on what fits in your schedule and what you’re looking to address.

            Most people dry brush before jumping in the shower. It takes just a few minutes, depending on how much of your body you want to brush.

            Even though there are a growing number of people who dry brush, they also recommend it with a warning: don’t brush too hard. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin and applies whether you’re dry brushing or using a scrub in the shower.

            Despite its benefits, dry brushing can also cause some damage if not done properly. If you dry brush too hard, you can end up just straight up irritating your skin, which is usually the opposite of what people are trying to do.

            If you’re more interested in using a shower brush for mostly exfoliation, you can also use it in the shower, basically like a sponge. Lather on some soap or exfoliating scrub and use the brush to reach all parts of your body. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to reach your back.

            Part of what makes a shower brush is so useful is just that – you can reach your back. A lot of people who suffer from ‘bacne,’ or back acne, dream of having some way to exfoliate their bodies like they do for their face to deal with regular acne. Well, if this is you, then a shower brush is the way to go!

            When buying a shower brush, there is a variety to choose from. Some are hand-held and others have long handles. If you need something to reach your back more easily, the long-handled one is the way to go. If that’s not as necessary, maybe try out a hand-held one.

            You can also choose from a variety of bristle types. You can get stiffer or softer bristles.

            If you’re someone who needs something a little rougher and more hard-core to more effectively exfoliate, you should look into brushes with stiffer bristles. However, if your skin is on the sensitive side, or if you just don’t want bristles that are too stiff, definitely look at the soft-bristled shower brushes.

            In general, natural bristles are recommended more highly than synthetic ones. The natural ones are typically gentler on the skin, and users don’t have as many issues with them.

            But if you want a brush that can do it all, there are multi-functional shower brushes too. The Vive Shower Brush is a long-handled brush that has two sides – a side for your face and a side for your body. The side of the brush designed for your face is made of fibers from wild boar, while the other is made up of nylon bristles.

            The Vive Shower Brush was even mentioned on Giftwits’s guide, the Best Shower Brush on Amazon Right Now. This guide also lists all the other amazing brushes available, so if you don’t know where to start, this site has all the information you need.

            So, if you didn’t have a shower brush before, now might be the time to get it. This is especially true if you have problems with your skin that you’d like to fix. Getting a shower brush can be the first step to healthier and happier skin.

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