A Serial Entrepreneur in Asset Management and Steel Manufacturing


These days, it’s hard to find a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in different industries. This is because most entrepreneurs usually focus on one industry and scale their knowledge and experience in it before they even think about moving on to another industry.

However, this isn’t the case with Kimin Tanoto as he is a top-class serial entrepreneur and has specialized in different fields. This man has founded several businesses in different types of industries, including the steel and cement industry, as well as in asset management. Currently, Kimin Tanoto is serving on the Board of Commissioners for Gunung Raja Paksi. Commonly referred to as GRP, Gunung Raja Paksi is the largest steel manufacturing company in Indonesia.

His Entrepreneurship Motivation

This serial entrepreneur has a deeper and different understanding in the process of entrepreneurship. Kimin Tanoto’s approach towards investing is backed by his experience in steel manufacturing. He believes that the skills and mid-set of an entrepreneur can be taught and sharpened overtime to achieve the best results there are.

However, this successful entrepreneur further believes that shaping an excellent entrepreneur requires a different approach. Some of the most vital things that Kimin Tanoto believes can shape a better entrepreneur include the following:

  • The entrepreneur’s upbringing
  • Their innate motivation for being entrepreneurs
  • And the influence around the entrepreneur’s daily activities

According to this serial entrepreneur, every other budding entrepreneur need an encouraging environment to help them perfect their skills.

Characteristics of a Good Entrepreneur

The desire to become an entrepreneur entails more than just hard work because this is a creation process. Not only the creation of an idea but also the creation of self because there are certain characteristics that an entrepreneur usually has.

These are explained below:

  1. Creative

This is the whole meaning of entrepreneurship because creativity is what brings something new to existence. Without creativity, it’s impossible to come up with any innovations or inventions for the market to consume.

  1. Professional

If you want to be a serial entrepreneur like Kimin Tanoto, then you need to exhibit utmost professionalism in your specific field. Professionalism is a quality that all good entrepreneurs must possess if they want to stand out in their niche.

With professionalism, you get to interact better, execute your values and improve your reputation by always being reliable.

  1. Risk Taker

 This is another significant characteristic that usually separates entrepreneurs from other people. As an entrepreneur, you must be courageous enough to take a risk at what you believe in regardless of any doubts that you may face.

 Taking risks is what will require courage and you may not always get the desired results but you will have learned something useful. It’s taking risks that gives birth to innovations and inventions that we highly value and use today.

  1. Passionate

 Entrepreneurship is also another term for doing what you love and pursuing your passion. Most entrepreneurs take on this road to chase their passion and fulfil the desires of their hearts by solving other people’s problems.

  1. Effective Planner

 Planning is a core characteristic of good and successful entrepreneurs like Kimin Tanoto. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in whatever field you choose, then you need to be an effective planner.

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