A More Functional Railing System that Gives a Clear View of the Beautiful Scenery in front of your House

Fellas! There is nothing quite like a railing system that enables unobstructed views and adds an unparalleled oomph to your house. If you want to revamp your space with something unique, modern and aesthetically pleasing, we bet this everything you need. Remember, a good railing is like an icing on the cake. It magnifies the splendor and outlook of space while providing the utmost functionality. So, if you want something different, gear up and keep reading! We promise that you will love this! 

Frameless Glass Railing System on the Balcony 

Are you wondering why you should have a frameless glass railing on your balcony? Well, there are so many reasons, just get ready to read on. 


  • Unobstructed View

Yes! You heard us right! If you want a clear, beautiful and unobstructed view, you must resort to a frameless glass railing because there is nothing quite like it. It guarantees a view with absolute clarity and an opportunity to experience the beautiful views surrounding your house. Fancy this! If you have your home near a port or a river, you must want to have your morning coffee surrounding the glorious views. So, do not compromise on your time at home and install frameless glass railings! 

  • Timeless Versatility 

Versatile objects are timeless and classic. Trust us, glass railings are similar. They can be used through thick and thin, beyond seasonal trends. Perhaps, they can be utilized in different forms and shapes as well. For example, a lot of people love to have curved glass railings at home. While some may like the simple joy of an ordinary frameless glass railing. So, choose what you like best and experiment with glass railing systems to figure out your personalized taste and sense of exterior. Add a punch of your individuality and your spunk through this glass balustrade. Pinky promise, this is as exciting and promising as it sounds

  • An investment to be proud of 

How often do you regret making investments in random stuff that you feel you could have let go of? We know you have lost count, just like us. So, if you want to change and make important life decisions, we suggest, install glass railings on your balcony. Hear it out!

This might sound like you are about to do something too grand! But honestly, it is grand. Wouldn’t you want additions to your home that can help your home have an exquisite outlook while adding to its long-term value? We are sure you would! So, do not fret much and get yourselves a glass railing system to be proud of. 

  • Safe and Secure

Are you scared that your glass balustrades might not be the safest and secure option? Well, do not fret anymore because we are here to buzz away all your myths! Fellas! Glass railing is one of the most sturdy and durable designs to exist. Believe it or not, these are usually made of tempered or laminated glass, each of which is pretty thick and robust. They do not just crack by an occasional knock. And most of all, they do not splatter everywhere upon breakage. This prevents unwanted injuries and gives you an experience worth your money and time. 

Wooden Frame Glass Railing or Metal Frame Glass Railing: Which one to choose? 

Why Wooden Frame Glass Railing 

  • Wooden frame glass railing is the ultimate way to express a rustic, regal and vintage look for your house. If this is your kind of statement for your house, you must not skip on this. 
  • Yet, it must be remembered that a wooden frame may not be the most durable one. It can wear out over a period of time and can get termites or other problems. So, you must be ready for frequent renovation if needed. 
  • They can be easy to hold during summers and winters because wooden frames do not catch temperatures and remain neutral throughout the year. 

Why Metal Frame Glass Railing

  • Metal Frame glass railing is a long-term project that does not require very frequent renovations and can be super easy to clean. 
  • On the other hand, metal frames can have scratches very easily. Their shine tends to die out over time. So, you might want to renovate occasionally. 
  • Metal frames can get extremely hot during summers and extremely cold during winters.  So, if you have little children at home, you might want to make a feasible choice for everyone. 

In essence, both a wooden and a steel frame glass railing are a good option, but you have to weigh the pros and cons feasible for your case and the region where you live. 

The Cleaning and Maintenance of Glass Railing System 

Remember, nothing looks good when it is dirty. And if you have a knack for cleaning, we bet, you would not mind cleaning your glass railing system because it is easy to clean. Although, you might want to clean them regularly to assure their beauty and look blossom to the fullest!

So, all you need is a good glass cleaner and a soft piece of cloth to clean your glass railings. Fab Glass and Mirror’s sparkle cleaner is a great option! It can easily remove the stains on your glass railing from pollution or even sea air! Perhaps, even the rough and tough rain spots on your glass railings will go away. Ideally, spray the cleaner over the glass railing and clean thoroughly using a damp cloth. You would be delighted to see your railing system look bright and clean like new! Have a bunch of old t-shirts? Use them to clean away all the dirt on your railing. 

However, glass railings do not require extensive cleaning and maintenance. A few checks here and there, a frequent but simple cleaning mechanism is all you require! So, do not wait anymore and bless yourselves by installing a glass railing system for an exceptional experience! 

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