A Guide to Safely Storing Chemicals in Commercial Workplaces

The improper storage or handling of toxic substances including H2SO4 and other chemicals can cause serious issues in the workplace. This is why it is important to know which precautions to take. For the top safety strategies, check out the guidelines below:

Invest in Proper Storage Containers and Facilities

The first thing that you need to do is to buy containers that are specifically meant to house chemicals. Make sure that each container is designed for the chemical that it is meant to hold. When in doubt, ask a professional for advice to avoid making any mistakes.

You also need proper lockers such as SECURALL® chemical storage lockers to store the containers in. Yes, these commercial designs can be a bit pricier than regular options but they offer a greater number of safety features. These reduce the risk of contamination as well as accidents and are well worth the additional cost.

Segregate Substances

There are numerous substances or chemicals that simply shouldn’t be mixed together. Some are so toxic or flammable that they can’t even be housed in the same space. Thus, make sure that your pesticide storage building and other chemical lockers are separate from one another.

Label each section to make sure that the substances are replaced in their appropriate section. You should also have labels or posters with warning, informing others about which substances should not be placed next to each other. However, this is a job that is best handled by a professional.

Restrict Access

Only authorized and trained personnel should have access to areas with dangerous or toxic chemicals. You will be surprised at the number of people who may try to sneak into such spaces or try to take smoke breaks in there. To prevent this from happening place a lock on the door or a keypad. This way, only the people who are meant to be there can get in. This is also a great way to both prevent and monitor break-ins.

Implement Regular Inspections

You should have someone inspect each and every locker on a regular basis. This will ensure that the all the substances are stored in an appropriate way. You can also guarantee that there are no risks of contamination. If there is an issue you can tackle it before it gets any worse. For the best results, have a third party agency tackle this job.

Have Appropriate Remedies

There is always a chance that someone may spill a substance on themselves while taking or replacing a chemical. This is why you should have appropriate remedies within easy reach. Make sure that all the employees with access to that room know how to utilize these. You can also have a rule to ensure that at least two people are in a room at the same time so that someone always has assistance.

Storing toxic substances in a commercial building is no joke. If you aren’t careful, the consequences can be dire. Fortunately, you now know precisely what to do to keep your employees and your good safe and secure. Implement these and you will have peace of mind.

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