A Dash Cam Is Your Best Driving Companion. Here’s Why

Are you looking to purchase your next dash cam? Need some help figuring out which dash cam is right for you? Then look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Tons of people have begun to use dash cams for a variety of reasons, but the best reason is to protect yourself from insurance fraud in case of an accident. A dash cam will capture the moments leading up to the accident and the aftermath, helping your insurance company determine who’s at fault during an accident.

When it comes down to it, a dash cam can be a much better companion than a co-driver. Here are some benefits that this camera brings to the table:


The number one reason why drivers choose to use dash cam for cars over a co-driver is because these cameras don’t talk! If you’re tired of arguing with your co-driver on whether you were going too fast or not paying attention, get yourself a dash cam and you’ll never have to worry about it again.


Dash cams are there when accidents happen and can help you collect evidence that can be used in court later on. It helps protect yourself from fraud and can also protect other drivers as well!

Physical records of trips

A dash cam also gives you a physical record of your trips in case something happens to your phone. If something goes wrong, for example, and your phone records it but then does not save it when you try to access it later, having a separate recording device can give you something else that proves what happened. Even if your phone records an incident without fail, a dash cam can still be valuable as a second source of video in case someone questions whether it’s accurate.

You’ll Never Be Lost

A dash cam will record everything around your car, from what’s happening at intersections to what’s going on at other cars’ blind spots. This makes it easier to remember details in case you need them later, such as when giving statements about accidents or reporting incidents like road rage or tailgating. It also makes reviewing the footage much more convenient.

Final say

Dash cams are best known for capturing crazy car accidents, but they can be used in more mundane ways. For example, a dash cam can serve as a visual record of your daily commute, which you can use to help your insurance company if you ever get in an accident. With their low cost, it makes sense to collect data with a dash cam whether or not any accidents occur.

Dash cams have other benefits: They can serve as security cameras for your car when you’re not around, and they can provide evidence if someone tries to break into your vehicle once you park it. It’s also fun to review footage of your drives at home, and they’re much cheaper than a GoPro or other action cameras.

There are two main types of dash cams: battery-powered and hard-wired. Battery-powered models need to be installed near the cigarette lighter port in your car, while hard-wired models run directly off of the car’s battery. Hard-wired models tend to offer better video quality, although the difference is increasingly negligible as dash cam technology improves.

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