A Closer Look at the Types of Credit Cards Available in India

Credit cards have become indispensable in our financial lives. They offer convenience, rewards, and discounts and even help build a healthy credit score.  IDFC FIRST Bank, one of the fastest-growing banks in India, has an exciting range of credit card options customised for different cardholder profiles.

From premium travel privileges to maximum savings on online shopping to lifestyle benefits and more, an IDFC FIRST Bank credit card is ideal for every need and budget.

Let us take a closer look at the various credit card offerings from IDFC FIRST Bank:

FIRST Millennia Credit Card – For the Young and Hip

Designed specifically for new-age consumers and millennials, IDFC FIRST Bank offers the FIRST Millennia Credit Card. It comes loaded with features and deals that a youngster would appreciate.

Regarding charges, the FIRST Millennia Credit Card shines with its lifetime free privilege and no annual fees. The card has nominal interest rates, which begin at 0.75% per month (9% per annum) and a 48-day interest-free period on ATM cash advances.

Eligibility: Gross annual income of ₹3 lakhs or above.

FIRST Classic Credit Card – The Evergreen Free Card

As the name suggests, some things just stay classic forever. That is the essence of the FIRST Classic Credit Card from IDFC FIRST Bank. It is an evergreen-free credit card with the perfect blend of rewards, discounts, protection, and affordability.

Treat yourself to fantastic savings with four complimentary railway lounge visits per quarter and 25% off movie tickets via Paytm up to ₹100. The card brings over 1,500 dining and 3,000 wellness/spa offers to save big round-the-year. All transactions above ₹2,500 are eligible for instant EMI conversion through the bank’s mobile app.

Eligibility: Gross annual income of ₹3 lakhs or above.

FIRST Select Credit Card – Privileges Redefined

Frequent flyers and corporate executives now have a new best friend. Presenting the FIRST Select Credit Card crafted exclusively for those who wish to have the finer things in life. This premium credit card by IDFC FIRST Bank helps cardholders make the most of their travel spending while enjoying year-long dining and shopping discounts.

Frequent flyers have all the more reason to rejoice with 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per quarter at leading lounges across India and 4 free railway’s access to lounges.

Eligibility: Gross annual income of ₹12 lakhs or above

FIRST Wealth Credit Card – For the Distinguished You

Wealthy individuals can now access unparalleled benefits tailored specifically for them with the FIRST Wealth Credit Card by IDFC FIRST Bank.

Card members enjoy India’s best foreign currency markup rate of just 1.5%, bringing massive forex savings and global acceptance. Travelling abroad or within India will no longer remain a hassle with this card’s full travel insurance blanket, air accident protection worth ₹1 crore and personal accident cover.

Eligibility: Gross annual income of ₹36 lakhs or above

FIRST WOW! Credit Card – For Hassle-free Banking

A revolutionary concept, the FIRST WOW! Credit Card by IDFC FIRST Bank is set to simplify credit card applications for individuals who struggle with extensive paperwork and eligibility criteria. It has a straightforward application process requiring no credit history or income proof.

The credit limit is automatically set to a minimum of 100% of the FD value, providing ample purchasing power. There are no forex conversion charges, allowing worry-free international transactions.

Students, homemakers, first-jobbers, freelancers, frequent travellers, NRIs and senior citizens benefit greatly from this card tailored to suit their requirements. The WOW! Card is truly a one-of-its-kind, facilitating credit card approval based FD without emphasised eligibility criteria.

The Final Word

IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards have tailored offerings catering to distinct customer profiles. One is spoilt for choice when picking a card that meets their lifestyle and brings maximum reward potential. As one of India’s leading smart banks, IDFC FIRST stays at the forefront of launching credit cards embedded with innovative features and benefits.

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