A Buyer’s Guide To New Church Pews

Buying new church pews can seem like a daunting task. There is so much to take into consideration when choosing new seating that it is easy to get lost in the details. However, taking one step at a time can make this task much easier to accomplish.

Consider the size and shape of your sanctuary

The first thing to consider before you start selecting new seating you must look at your sanctuary. Long wooden pews have a classic look to them but if your sanctuary is narrow or not the correct shape then it might be impractical to try and have them installed. Shorter benches may work better for a narrow sanctuary. A much larger sanctuary might be able to accomodate stadium style seating.

A single seating style might be the most appropriate for an oddly shaped sanctuary. This would typically be stackable padded chairs. Fixed single chairs would be rare as one of the main benefits to single seating is the ability to move and rearrange the seats as neccessary. Single seating does offer the best opportunity to create accessible seating by leaving areas for wheelchairs or strollers and unfixed seating can be arranged in whatever way is needed to make room for special programs.

Accommodate the size of your congregation

When you are purchasing seating you should take into consideration the size of your congregation. Is the current amount of seating available sufficient or could the congregation do for some additional seats? Also, ensure that you are leaving room for growth or special gatherings such as holidays or special programs that are likely to bring in more people than normal weekly services. This may impact whether you wish to have attached or unattached seating that will allow you to bring in more seats, if necessary.

Traditional vs. Modern style

When you are looking at types of seating it is important to decide whether you want the sanctuary to have a traditional look or a modern look. Wooden pews will evoke the traditional style. More modern looks can be brought in with different styles of chairs and benches. What kind of seating are you replacing? If you want to keep the same aesthetic then you should be able to find a similar style.

Refurbished or new

Although you are looking to replace your existing seating it may be more cost effective to consider refurbished seating. Old wooden pews can be refurbished to look as good as new and retain the classic style that makes them so attractive. It is often more cost efficient to consider refurbished products. Connecting with a local furniture restorer or researching online can likely turn up someone that is skilled in refurbishing wooden furniture. Whether your existing pew can be restored or whether used pews will need to be purchased and then refurbished this is a simple way to both save some money and to stay true to a classic traditional style with a strong history.


There are many factors to take into consideration when you are purchasing new church pews or other seating. Ensuring that you are purchasing the correct style of seating for your congregation is very important as these new seats are likely to last for a very long time and will determine the way the sanctuary is perceived to long-time members of the church as well as newcomers. How to Modernize your Church, for more tips on updating furnishing for your church.



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