A Basic Guide for Starting a Home Renovation

So you want to remodel your home?

You shouldn’t start without having a look at our home renovation guide. We give you tips that will ensure your project is completed on schedule and within your budget.

From how to choose the best contractor for your bathroom tub glaze and repair job to how to come up with the right budget for that kitchen remodeling project, we’ve got you covered.

So, read on and get to know how to remodel your home like a pro.

1.     Start With Renovation Goals

Consider the reasons why you want to remodel your home. Some common remodeling goals include:

  • To upgrade an old home
    · To add more facilities due to changes in family requirements
    ·         To enhance a home’s resale value

Figuring out your renovation goals will help you to know what areas to focus on during renovation. It will also help you come up with a realistic budget.  For instance, if you’re renovating to upgrade an old home, you may have to set aside some extra cash to deal with structural issues.

2.     Prepare a Detailed Home Remodeling Plan

Once you have the goals of your renovation project, it’s time to prepare a plan.

Part of the remodeling plan should include the project’s needs, project steps, professionals needed for the job, and the sketches of your completed project.

At this point, you should also consider if you require any permits or if there are any zoning regulations that you should adhere to.

3.     Set a Budget

Having a budget is crucial as it ensures you don’t overspend during the actual project. Besides, when you have a budget, you’ll know how much money you need, and you can start figuring out your financing options.

Your home remodeling plan can help you come up with a budget. Your plan can also help you eliminate lower priority renovations if you’re short of cash.

Ensure you include material costs, contractor costs, labor costs, permits, and costs of cosmetic finishes in the budget. You should also set aside 10%-20% of your financing to cater for hidden and unbudgeted expenses.

If you have a hard time coming up with a budget, ask different professionals for cost estimates. When renovating, the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your home value on a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation.

4.     Hire professionals

If you aren’t in a position to do a DIY home remodeling, you’ll need to hire contractors.

Consider the following factors before hiring professionals for your project:

  • Experience– A contractor with more experience is likely to do a good job
    · Licensing – Your contractor should have the required certifications to do the job
    ·         Cost – You should choose a contractor who is within your budget
    ·         References and reviews – Contact the contractor’s references and check out their online reviews
    ·         Certificate of insurance – Hire a contractor with liability insurance and workers compensation for their employees
    ·         Payment schedule – Discuss the payment options with your contractor and ensure they are flexible
    ·         Communication skills – The contractor should be willing to answer your questions, and they should also be pleasant to talk to

Before you hire your contractors, ask as many questions as possible about their work. This can save you from surprises later.

5.     Stay On Top of Your Budget and Timelines

If you’re in charge of the project, have a well-organized diary of daily events. Even if you hired a project manager, you’ll still need to keep track of the costs and the timelines.

Make time for unexpected delays and have extra money for hidden costs. This will eliminate stress and overspending during the project. Remember to make the necessary arrangements if parts of your home will be unlivable due to major construction work.

Proper planning can take you closer to the success of your home renovation project. Our simple home remodeling guide will ensure you are well-prepared for a smooth and successful home remodeling project.

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