A 2022 Guide On Walk-In Tubs Plus A Peek In On Price Points & Costs

Walk-in tubs offer a water-tight door an individual can walk through and shut firmly in order to sit down on a bench to enjoy a bath safely. They are spacious with easy access and a low threshold, so there’s no risk of trips or falling. There are a plethora of design features to make the sanctuary whatever you choose it to be.

The only challenge with the vast array of options is giving a universal walk-in tub cost since it’s based on what you might see for your specific circumstances. Some people could opt for specific rails to add a level of safety, others might prefer to enjoy steam for therapeutic purposes, and still, others may choose a showerhead with a particular stream to soothe sore muscles.

The suggestion is the price point can create budget challenges. For any model, regardless of features, the upfront charges begin at $1000, with the top-of-the-line varieties going as high as $5000.

That isn’t including the costs for installation, which depends on many variables like material changes, labor, location, and on. The indication is the price point can go as high as $10000 when combining installation with the charge for the tub.

Again, these are rough estimates. Let’s look at some of the advantages and downsides to having a walk-in-tub in 2022 aside from the price point.

What Are Some Of The Highlights And Downsides Of Having A Walk-In Tub

It might be challenging for individuals who are physically impaired or progressing in age to use a standard bathtub or even a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower runs the risk of someone slipping on the wet floor and falling, while a traditional bathtub requires climbing over the sidewall without slipping on a damp floor or losing balance and falling.

When there’s a door to walk into the bath with a lower threshold and a gripped floor to disallow for slippage, plus a bench to sit down, there’s less danger for someone in a compromised position.

You’ll find, though, that there are a vast array of highlights to remodeling a bathroom to include one of these appliances, but there are also a few disadvantages aside from the cost, which can prove extensive.

Learn all there is to know about these tubs at https://roofingcalculator.com/news/everything-to-know-about-walk-in-tubs/. Let’s look at each to see if this might meet your specific needs.

● Pros

1. Investment

The suggestion is that these tubs come in with a price point for installation and the appliance at roughly $10,000. That also depends significantly on the features you get and how much labor is involved in the installation process.

The base cost of any of the tubs is $1000, and they can range up to $5000, again, depending on what you find necessary for your specific situation. That means there’s some flexibility with the price point.

Still viewing the tub as an investment in safety, care for someone progressing in age or with physical impairments, and as an added value to the home, it’s likely you’ll see a great return on the investment.

Buyers will positively view an addition of this sort in the bathroom, especially if there are special features like bubble jets, a shower head with unique streams, chromotherapy lights, hydrotherapy jets, and everyone will love having heated seats.

It’s almost like a sauna in the bathroom with the potential for increasing what potential buyers offer for the listing.

2. A safe alternative to other options

There is easy access for anyone of any capacity with these tub options, especially those progressing in age who might have physical limitations. These surfaces are meant to be slip-resistant and prevent falls.

The appliances come with many safety features, including random built-in handrails, seating, “ADA-compliant” construction, and gripped flooring ideal for those with physical impairments or a senior.

Some offer a wider door frame for those restricted to a wheelchair so they can have a secure method for enjoying a bath without the need for personal care assistance. Go here for guidance on walk-in tubs.

There is also the option to add a feature to prevent burns using a “scald prevention valve” for those who might not have the reflexes to adjust the water temperature timely.

3. Accessibility

When attempting to enter a standard bathtub or even a walk-in shower, there are restrictions or the need for assistance, so there’s no opportunity to fall on the slippery surfaces or lose balance when stepping over the high sidewall of the tub.

With a walk-in option, the door opens, and there is a much lower threshold for anyone who might have challenges with mobility.

● Cons

1. Spilled water through the door

When you turn the water on inside the tub, the door must be closed immediately, or you will have a steady flow of water running into the bathroom. There is the possibility of installing a system that drains fast or a “filling” faucet allowing you to leave the tub rapidly when you’re through bathing.

But if you’re someone with impairments or mobility challenges, neither of these options will work since you don’t have the capacity to move at that pace, and you don’t want to increase the risk of slipping or falling.

Many individuals tend to wait out the tub as it drains, which can be incredibly time-consuming. That means waking a bit earlier, so you have enough time to take a prolonged bath each day or take your bath in the evening, so mornings are free.

Final Thought

The highlights of a walk-in tub are considerable, with even the price point working out in the end to be a good investment opportunity. The added value to the home and receiving a good return on the investment makes the overall cost worth it, especially considering the safety and wellness benefits that come with the appliance.

The thing for you to consider is if a walk-in tub would be something that would meet your circumstances and then meeting with an expert to learn the features that would be most beneficial for those needs.

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