9441 Things to avoid when applying eyebrow makeup

The eyebrows are sacred to many women (and men!). But still, many of us do a few things that are not good for you – or don’t look good. We’ll reveal which ones they are.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought something was strange? Sometimes it’s just little things, but it still stands out. One of these things can be our eyebrows because they make up an important impression. We’ll tell you what mistakes you could ruin your eyebrows without even realizing it. Make sure you get the right stuff when you buy eyebrow makeup online.

Hair spray

Sure, hairspray might be cheaper than a real eyebrow gel. But it is not better. Hairspray fixes the eyebrows so strongly that you have a lot of effort to remove your makeup mirror. And the more you rub your eyebrows; the faster individual hairs fall out. The result: gaps in the eyebrows. And of course, we want to avoid that. In addition, hairspray is not exactly skin-friendly.

Pluck during the period

There are days when eyebrow plucking hurts a lot. And there are days when we fell asleep. When we have our periods or are in poor health, we are more sensitive to pain. Of course, this also applies to the eyebrows. Whoever plucks in pain can, in the heat of the moment, take too much away here and there so that the whole thing is over faster. Not cool! Until that has grown again, it can take a few weeks to grow back.

Too close to the mirror

The thicker the mirror, the better we see the mini hair that has to go. It’s logical! Eh, no! If you hang super close to the magnifying mirror while plucking your brows, you can no longer see how they relate to each other. In addition, you have no impression of what the result does on the entire face. If you accidentally pluck too much from an eyebrow, the face can quickly look asymmetrical. Our tip: Always keep an arm’s length away from the mirror. You can, of course, check again afterwards in the magnifying mirror whether everything is really gone. But just watch, don’t touch!

You are putting too much pressure on

If you have ever wondered why your eyebrows look totally “painted” after filling them in, then we have the answer here: You are exerting too much pressure. This can happen quickly, especially with very soft eyebrow pencils. Instead of natural eyebrows, we have striking bar brows. If you cannot assess the pressure as well, you should best use products with harder leads. They also don’t wear out so quickly.

Products too dark

The most common mistake when it comes to eyebrows: you use colors that are too dark. If we resort to products that are much too dark, the brows immediately look super unnatural and much too made up. In general, the brows always look the most natural if you use two different colors, a shade lighter than your own brow hair and a shade darker. You use the lighter color in the front area of ​​the brows, the darker one for the rear part. The whole thing looks really natural due to the color gradient.

Too shaved, spread apart, straight, arched. The eyebrows can change the perception that others have of us. And if we have to work on them, a bad gesture can have consequences that are difficult to hide or repair. Here we are going to lists these errors to spare you from trouble.

Hair removal too frequently

The sight of unsightly hair can traumatize eyebrow perfectionists, but pulling it out immediately is not the solution. Subjected to too frequent torture, the hair system may regrow unsightly. Result: we end up with hairs that grow in all directions and that we can no longer tame. So, what to do? We believe that epilating them every month is a good rhythm and we advise to give them a few moments of respite: We quickly fall into a vicious circle by removing a hair on the right, a hair on the left, then another hair on the right and so on. Until the catastrophe. After drawing the tweezers with too much enthusiasm, it is difficult to find a well-drawn eyebrow line.

Refine them to the extreme

We, therefore, arm ourselves with patience, and we redraw its line about once a month. but also taking its precautions. Because the border between well or too plucked eyebrows is very thin. Kendall Jenner still remembers the day she went too far, in an article published on her blog in August 2016: “When I was a teenager, on a slightly strange whim, I plucked my eyebrows entirely! Fortunately, they grew back, but my sisters panicked completely”. In the event of a disaster, it is always possible to cheat with a pencil or tinted eyebrow cream. They will fill in the holes, give the illusion of thickness, and draw a beautiful line. But better still save yourself these fears, and take it easy.

Shorten the tail of the eyebrow

Keep the thickness, yes, but also the length: The goal is to lengthen the look. That’s why we put eyeliner, mascara, or false eyelashes on the outside of the eye. We warn against waxing the tail of the eyebrows. To limit the damage, the method is simple: Always make the eyebrows longer than the eyes. And above all do not bring the line down from the middle of the eyebrow. It is always possible to get rid of some superfluous and badly placed hairs, but be careful not to fall into a gear which would lead to a line too thin. By being crushed, the hairs in the area could grow thick, anarchic, or even never return. To be sure they have the ideal length, just follow two rules. The head of the left eyebrow should be parallel to the left nostril and pass through the inner corner of the eye. As for its tail, it must be on the same line with the outer corner and this same nostril. The geometry is the same for the other side.

Want them to be symmetrical

Straight, plunging, aerial. We all have our favorite form of eyebrows. Except that it does not always correspond to their natural curve. Our explanation is simple: The quest for perfection can become obsessive, except that our eyes are not identical. Indeed, even if contemporary ideals favor symmetry, rare are those who have faces considered perfect. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to draw inspiration from Cara Delevingne or Kim Kardashian, so there is no point in coming to the esthetician with a photo of her idol. Make sure you avoid all the mistakes you’re making when you fill in your eyebrows.


Those who dream of perfect, straight eyebrows, the “Lebanese-style” as specialists describe them, will have to take into account an important element: “If the nose has an ideal shape, you can have straight eyebrows, which will give an advantage. On the other hand, if like many he deviates or understands a bump, it could result in an overly harsh side. We, therefore, prefer “a slightly tilted eyebrow head for almond-shaped eyes “. The goal here will be to highlight each face. In case of uncertainty, the easiest way will be to go see a professional, who can put us back on the right track.

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