9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Chest of Drawers

Drawers are amazing tools for organizing your house, but many of us never take full advantage of their potential because we don’t realize what drawers can do for us. The most common place to find an average drawer is in the bedroom, and even then, many people use the drawer space inefficiently.

Fortunately, these drawer tips will help you get the most out of your drawers and avoid the pitfalls that come with using them incorrectly. Here are 9 ways to make the most out of your chest of drawers.

Have them in your living room

If you’re looking for a way to make your bedroom look more like a living room, consider using your chest of drawers as an end table or side table. They can also be used as TV stands or bookshelves, just think about it: what better way to display your favorite movie than on top of a chest?

If you want to keep things simple and minimalistic, try mounting them on the wall behind the couch so that they don’t get in the way when guests come over. You could also use them as storage units by placing them against one wall and filling them up with books and other items that need storing away from sight.

Turn your chest into a dining room bar

If you have a chests of drawers that is not used as a dining room bar, consider turning it into one. The key to creating an effective dining table is to use the space efficiently and effectively. A chest of drawers can be transformed into a fully functional kitchenette by adding appliances like sinks and refrigerators, as well as wine racks.

If you’re looking for more storage space in your kitchenette, consider installing additional drawers below the countertop so that several items can be stored at once without taking up too much room on top of each other.

Use it as a nightstand

If you want to make the most out of your chest of drawers, use it as a nightstand! You can put a lamp on top of it and use that for reading at night or keeping your phone close by in case you need to read email or check social media before going to bed.

You can also add other items like glasses, alarm clocks, books, plants anything that makes sense as long as they don’t get in the way when opening or closing the drawers.

Create a stack of drawers

Stacking drawers is a great way to make your bedroom or living room look unique. The idea is that you’re going to have all of your clothes and other storage items in one place, but they won’t be on top of each other. Instead, they’ll be stacked up neatly below another piece of furniture so that it looks like an organized mess instead of an unruly pile.

Most stackable drawers are made from wood or metal and come in different sizes depending on what type of space you need them for: nightstands, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, etc. You can also use them as nightstands in other areas like the bathroom!

Fill in vacant wall space with a tall and slender chest of drawers

To make the most of your chest of drawers, fill in vacant wall space with a tall and slender chest of drawers. This can be used as a nightstand, or you could use it to store extra blankets and pillows. You could even use them to store extra towels or sheets!

Hang a mirror above your dresser or chest of drawers

If you have a small bedroom, it can be difficult to add some glamour. A mirror above your dresser or chest of drawers will help make the room appear larger and more luxurious. Mirrors are also useful for checking your outfit before going out.

You can use them as a decorative element in any space that needs some extra light or visual interest a bathroom wall with framed mirrors, for example, is sure to create an elegant atmosphere!

Display your keepsakes on top of your chest of drawers

Displaying your keepsakes on top of your chest of drawers is a great way to decorate a room. Keepsakes are small items that have meaning and can add texture, color, and texture to an otherwise plain space.

They might be photos from vacations or trips abroad, mementos from special occasions in life (birthday parties, weddings), jewelry with sentimental value anything that brings back good memories when you look at it again!

Use the top drawer for jewelry

If you have a top drawer, use it to store your jewelry. That way, you can keep them safe and out of sight when they’re not in use.

A jewelry box is ideal for small items like earrings or rings. It will also help keep everything organized so that you can find what you need at a glance.

If there isn’t enough room for a full-sized jewelry box on the bottom of your chest of drawers, try using smaller trays instead! You could even use an old shoe box for this purpose just make sure that all sides are slotted so that nothing falls through when open and closed repeatedly over time.

Customize Your Drawer Pulls

You can personalize your dresser by choosing the perfect pulls for you. These are some of the best drawers pulls that will make a statement in any bedroom or bathroom:

  • Glass-topped drawers and doors: If you have a glass-topped dresser, choose glass tiebacks that match the color of your walls. They’re also more versatile than metal ones because they can be painted or stained to blend with other elements in your room without looking out of place.
  • Chrome handles: These bright accessories add flair to any room by giving off an elegant vibe when paired with chrome hardware on other pieces like nightstands and lamps; however if these items aren’t available then consider using brass instead since this material has more depth than silver does alone (which tends toward being too flashy).


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips for using your chest of drawers. Perhaps you’ll try some of them out yourself and think up other ways to use this valuable piece of furniture in your home. If so, please let us know in the comments section below!

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