9 Tips for Selecting the Best Salon Software Solutions

Have you heard of the new way of booking appointments and handling clients without the hassle of a computer? Well, if you have not, then you are in for a real treat. If you own a salon and you need to make sure that your employees can keep track of their client’s schedules, but you do not want to hire additional employees to manage the database, then you should look into Salon Scheduling Software. This system will automatically generate reports and generate them in the quickest possible time.

Convenient for Multi-Location Salon:

This multi-location hair salon’s use of this tool is becoming very popular nowadays. The system is called “salon management software” and it has proven to be useful for these salons. It has been specially developed for these multi-location hair salons, and it is very efficient. Not only does it allow the salon owner to manage their schedule, but also can manage the budget and even the workflow of their employees.

Updated Database:

Now let’s learn how to choose the right salon software for your business. It’s no secret that to run a spa business successfully, you need a good database. This is the backbone of your business, so you need to make sure that your databases are always updated. It is also vital for your salon management software to be easy to use and understand.

Cloud-Based Solution:

The most important thing you should consider when shopping around for salon management software is whether it is web-based or not. In a word, does it offer a cloud-based solution? Yes, many do, since most big salon stores use cloud-based solutions to manage their databases. They allow salon owners to easily manage their schedules, as well as setting reminders, etc. They are simple, quick, and can help salon owners manage their business more effectively.

Social Media Integration:

In case you didn’t know it, salon management software with online scheduling can also include social media integration. Most salon stores today have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest accounts, and other various social media accounts. If your software is capable of integrating with these accounts, then it’s a must-have feature. With social media integration, salon owners will be able to broadcast special events, promotions, discounts, etc. via their social media pages, thus reaching their customers in a better way.

Calendar Management:

One significant thing to point out is calendar management. Most Scheduling Software for Salon has excellent calendar management features. You can set up reminder lists for appointments, client confirmations, cancellations, etc. You can also set up alerts for upcoming appointments, so you will be informed right on time. This way, you won’t miss any upcoming appointments, which may be crucial for your schedule.

Access Location from Any Location:

As salon owners, your salon software solutions must allow you to access the system from any location. Most salon software solutions provide the multi-site capability, where you can manage your business from all possible sites across the US and Canada. Some salon management software solutions can integrate with online scheduling systems, such as those run by the e-trader. These systems let salon owners update appointments, quotes, descriptions, photos, and rates from anywhere with an internet connection, using a single login.

Text and Email Reminder:

A scheduler is an excellent tool for you to manage your appointments. This includes reminders for your weekly salon tips as well as appointment bookings. You can also get email or text alerts whenever new work needs to be done or a client you are scheduled to see decides to cancel. Many times, this saves a salon a lot of money since they do not have to call the client to find out what is happening. You can also receive a text or email reminder about other things that need to be taken care of, such as supplies that need to be stocked or decorations for next week’s salon.

Affordable Solution:

Salon management software can be a big-time saver for salon owners, especially those who have a large salon and multiple employees. If you own a salon that has been around for many years and has loyal employees, you may be surprised at how much easier scheduling software makes running your business. Wellyx scheduling system is an affordable solution to your problems.

Customer Service:

Salon software takes care of even the most difficult work for you in salon management software. Start growing your salon today with salon management software that is user-friendly and easy to use. Try it for free right now. Best of all, this is a new product that will help you increase salon sales, streamline customer service, expand your salon locations, and keep all of your employees happy and satisfied.


Salons are one of the fastest-growing businesses in today’s recession. But even if a salon is small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be profitable or have a high-profit margin. This is where Salon Scheduling Software can make a real difference. With scheduling software, spa business owners can grow their business and have more customer service and satisfaction than they ever thought possible. Start using scheduling software to take advantage of these great benefits in just a few days.

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