9 Things you should Practice During Pregnancy!

During pregnancy, women have to prevent from many things. Just for the safety of her child inside her womb, a woman maintains her health and try to be as safe as possible. Despite following certain safety measures, they still end up doing something wrong, which is normal for them at that moment. However, several women don’t know from what she should prevent, and what she should take, so for such women, here are few tips which will tell them what things they should do during their pregnancy:

Washed Hands and Good Hygiene

Every woman should look upon hygiene as the most important matter. Without hygiene, germs are very prone to enter our body, which will lead to sickness, and the sickness could even affect the baby, so always be hygienic. Moreover, washing hands is also an important element of hygiene. Before and after every meal, the mom-to-be should wash her hands properly, if the soap is available then you should use it, or else alcohol-based hand wash or hand sanitizer will work.

Cooked Meat

A pregnant woman should always eat her meat when it is perfectly cooked, i.e., there should be no pink inside. Hot dogs, deli meats, etc. should be prevented until they are reheated. Consuming these types of processed and undercooked meat may lead to several complications with the baby, as these types of food contain harmful bacteria.

Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

¼ women carry this type of bacteria, and the most horrifying thing is that they don’t even know it. Mostly, many women know for 7 to 8 months to birth, so they have very little time to consult a doctor. So to ensure that pregnant women don’t have group B streptococcus, they should have a routine checkup with their doctor.


There are certain timings for every vaccination, some are to be done before pregnancy, some are to be done when the labor month gets near, whilst some are to be done after pregnancy, etc. Having the correct vaccination at the right time leads to a healthier baby and it will also nurture their growth safely. Remember, that never become too hasty, and have all the vaccinations at once, nor become too lazy, and miss out one.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

STIs are the same as GBS, but they include hepatitis B, HIV, or STD type of sickness. In this case, too, the pregnant woman does not feel that she is sick. So knowing about these kinds of diseases is very important, and if one knows about it, then immediately consult a doctor and ask him or her about the process. If they recommend medical imaging, have one. As in Atlanta, they have Atlanta imaging center, just like that, every renowned hospital has an imaging center.

Stay Away From Infected People

If one never had chickenpox or rubella in their lifetime, and they are pregnant, then they have to prevent these sort of infected people. Even though it is the pregnant woman’s husband, they both have to stay away from one another until the husband is cured. If the woman catches the infection, then it results in complications with the baby, which will cause a lot of labor pain, and the child’s health is also affected. If one had the vaccine of chickenpox or rubella, then she is free to meet these people, but she has to keep that in mind that she can’t have a vaccination during pregnancy.

Protection from Insects

Dengue virus is the most common type of deadly virus, which caused a lot of deaths. So during pregnancy, one should avoid going out late at night, and they should also wear long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts and long pants. This will prevent them from catching the disease. Pregnant women should never get in contact with the person who has this kind of virus, as this will protect the baby and her too.

No Pets or Rodents

Many people have pets in their homes, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, etc. Although you are very connected to them, but when the discussion comes about the baby, then a mother should never look upon anything else than the most beloved thing in her life, that is her baby. Many rodents and pets have deadly viruses, which could affect the health of the baby. Even if you have rodents at home, have pest control and be safe.

Unpasteurized Milk

Drinking milk during pregnancy is good, but stay away from unpasteurized milk. Mom-to-be can eat soft cheese only unless the other cheese has a label of pasteurized on it. Unpasteurized products contain harmful bacteria, so a pregnant woman should always eat fresh and healthy food.

Every child is God’s creation, so whatever you are gifted with, always be happy, and be grateful!

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