9 Essential Things to do Before Scrapping Your Car

Car owners have to deal with many responsibilities from the moment they think of buying a car. With the passing years, they have to continuously look after its maintenance, which adds to their expenses. But, there comes a moment when they think about reselling or scrapping the car. In the case of reselling, the car needs to be in good condition. But if the car isn’t in good condition or fails to operate well, they go for the option of scrapping the car.

If you own a car, you might realize how much money you have to spend on repairing and maintaining the vehicle. Thus, if you want to clear out the extra expenses, scrapping it would be a good option for you. You will have to consider various things when you decide about scrapping the car, such as finding the best dealers, taking care of the valuable parts, and many other things. In this article, you will find nine essential things to do before scrapping your car so that you can start the procedure without any hesitation.

  1. Find quotes from different dealers:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is finding quotes from different car scrap dealers. You will see that the dealers will provide varying rates depending on certain factors. Hence, you have to keep looking for multiple quotes from different dealers to find the best value for your vehicle. When you have multiple quotes, it will become easier for you to compare them and find the best deal rather than going in loss with a certain amount. Also, you wouldn’t have to compromise anything when you have different choices in front of you.

  1. Prepare all the required papers:

The next thing you need to look after is preparing all the required papers for scrapping your car. There are various documents that the dealers require to start the process where the most important is your car’s registration certificate. Such documents help you transfer your car’s ownership to the dealer. So, if you don’t have the proper documents, make sure to visit the department of motor vehicle to prepare or replace the documents. Remember that every state may have different rules, so check what things are relevant for your location.

  1. Remove all the valuable parts before scrapping your car:

Do you feel that certain parts of your car can provide you more value when sold individually? If yes, then make sure you remove them because it would be better to get the best value from your car before you give it for scrapping. You can check the entertainment systems, alternators, starter motors, and various things that other car drivers with the same car model would like to buy. You can also remove the battery and wheels if they are in good condition. Also, remove the gasoline from the gas tank before you give your car to the dealer as you can use it to add in other vehicles.

  1. Remove personal belonging from the car:

You will probably forget a thing or two in your car that resides in any corner or beneath the dashboard. So make sure you check every compartment and storage sections to remove the personal belongings before you give the car for scrap. You shouldn’t regret searching the trunk and later realizing that you left your speakers and other valuable belongings.

  1. Remove license plates from the car:

Remember to remove your license plates because when a vehicle retires from its service, the license plates don’t remain useful. Moreover, some states have a legal requirement to remove the license plates from the car while you transfer its title. You would also have to provide the license plates to your state’s DMV while applying for the cancellation of your car’s title.

  1. Cancel your car’s insurance:

You should cancel your car’s insurance and notify the insurer to avoid paying any recurring payments before the policy’s expiration. You will also get a refund if you have paid the full coverage for the car. This process will also avoid any future issues with the car that you will be giving for scrap.

  1. Choose the best company:

You should choose a company that handles your car disposal without much hassle on your side. You should also check its location because it will be better to reach out to them in case of any concerns. For instance, if you want to scrap your car in London, then finding a company situated in another city or state wouldn’t be convenient. You can check the online reviews and ratings for their work and take recommendations from people who have given their car for scrap before you.

  1. Make sure the dealer is licensed:

You will find many dealers in your area, but many of them will not have the license for doing the scrap business. So whenever you connect with them, make sure they are licensed for scrapping the cars. Also, get their license number and verify if it is valid. You can check the validity through online services, as many states provide them. Checking all these things will help you make a valid claim against the scrap car dealer if he doesn’t offer you enough value as per the deal.

  1. Check whether the weight scale is certified:

If you don’t want to be in loss, then make sure to check the weight scale of the dealer and verify its certification. That’s because the automobile’s scrap is sold in tons, which means you will get more money if your car’s scrap weighs higher. But there are some dealers who use tampered weight scales, which can put you at a loss but help them earn the right amount from the scrap. Hence, make sure the dealer has a certified weight scale so that you will get the proper value from your car’s scrap.


Giving your car for scrap can be challenging, but you can do it easily by taking care of one thing at a time.

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