9 Chic Living Room Ideas to Try in Your Own Space

The living room is the heart of your home and it is the place where your family and friends gather the most. So, it not only needs to look beautiful, but it also needs to be comfortable and functional.

Your living room expresses a lot about your style and personal taste. Whether your living room is a small or open-plan space, you need to make it look inviting, and eye-catching.

So, if you are wondering how to make it look elegant, here are some chic living room decor ideas:

Color the Walls

There are many ways to decorate your living room but start with basic coloring to refresh your space. For selecting the color of walls, you can refer to the color palette. There are various color shade options and you can choose what suits your style the most.

For example, if you are looking for minimalist style decoration opt for neutral colors on the walls. Instead of selecting the black and white shades, the pieces such as upholstery and tables remain neutral. While the art pieces and lamp can add color in the room.

If you love playing with patterns and bold colors, then you can paint walls with vibrant colors. You can also paste wallpapers on walls as they can add depth to a room. These colors make the room lively and stylish.

Wooden Wonder

Whether you are decorating a small living room or a large living room, with a proper balance you can create a masterpiece. You do not need to always use outrageous shapes or vibrant colors to create a stylish space. 

You can introduce dark oak floorboards and earthy colors as they provide a balance of light, textures, shapes, and colors. It will create visual interest to attract your attention.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery wall adds personality as well as color to your space. You can display a combination of art pieces or photographs to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Simple cohesive frames will work well on a gallery wall.

You can extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to get the best results as it creates an illusion of a larger space.

Go for Large-Scale Art

Hang a large wall art on your blank wall. An oversized painting will attract attention and set the tone in a living room area. It makes a major visual impact without inserting the number of nails in your wall.

Large-scale wall prints are an extremely affordable way to fill blank wall space. It is best suited for a home where there is less surface area for decoration pieces. Large wall art fills the vertical spaces and makes a room look less cluttered.

Introduce an Artistic Touch with Mural

Whether you choose a wall covering or you hand paint, it will create a beautiful impact. Murals in the living room create an illusion to transport you to another place. It is not very expensive and easy to create.

Use Lighting for Dramatic Effect

Chandeliers, fairy lights, and pendants are very good mediums to create a dramatic effect. They do not need to be placed in the center of a room. You can hang a pendant over a table or desk.

You can also place blown-glass spheres at different heights in a corner. Using a chandelier or fairy lights is an unusual way to add a fun layer to your room scheme and illuminates the whole space.

Pick a Stand-Out Piece of Furniture

A single piece of a furniture item can transform your living room space. It can be shapely, or from a contrasting period that can add a bold colored contrast to your scheme. 

You should be brave enough to experiment with new pieces in your space and willing to admit when your decorations went wrong.

Invest in a Rug Underfoot

A rug on a floor creates a layer of interest and adds a texture to a living room. So, choose a large size rug, and position living room furniture on it. 

A rug can define the proper seating area in a large open-plan room. If there is a signature piece of furniture in the living room, for example, a comfortable chair. You can pick a rug with an accent of matching or the same color to make the chair stand out.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are very beautiful pieces of art and they reflect light. They make your small space feel bigger and brighter. So, try to hang an oversized mirror, or you can also display different smaller pieces salon-style.

Mirrors are a very smart way to create a visual effect that mirrors has its own wall decoration. But it actually captures colors from different elements present in the room. This is an innovative way to spread the colors and open up small spaces.

Final Words

In home decor, many people avoid mixing and matching textures and patterns. They stick with a uniform and consistent look to avoid risks and play safe. But, the living room is a space where you can get creative and take a few risks.

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