8 Weird Laws You Can Be Fined For

Governments impose laws and regulations to keep us safe. Breaking these laws like speeding, littering, or staying over the allotted time in a car park can get you in trouble. You could get fined or, in the worst-case scenario, might have to serve jail time. These are sensible laws enforced to ensure proper public conduct. But do you know in the books, many unusual laws also cost hefty fines?

Over the years, lawmakers have come up with some strange regulations that are funny and hysterical instead of being intimidating. Perhaps, it’s not just the US. Try to search over the internet, and you will come across numerous laws worldwide that are equally bizarre. Don’t feel like going through the trouble? Here are the eight weird laws that may lead you to pay a hefty amount.

  1. It is illegal to use or trade stink bombs in Alabama

Stink balls are a pop culture of the 90s. Anyone who grew up in that period must remember their favorite past-time – throwing smelly stink bombs on friends or unsuspecting passersby. It was such an innocent prank, but in Alabama, such pranks are punishable. The code strictly prohibits buying, selling, and using stink bombs and similar objects that create unpleasant odors. It states so because they cause discomfort to the person who comes in contact with these.

  1. You cannot use your phone while crossing a road in China

The law may not sound like a hysterical regulation as it ensures pedestrian safety, but it is weird. The law went into force two years ago to discourage the practice. We all know how distracting smartphones are. That’s why in China, they enforce it strictly, with offenders facing fines of up to 50 yuan. The first widely-publicized instance of someone getting fined for non-compliance happened in Wenzhou. In January 2019, Ms. Hu paid a fine of 10 yuan for this offense.

  1. It’s illegal to honk yourhorn near a sandwich shop in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Surprised? Little Rock in Arkansas placed this law to discourage drivers from making noise around sandwich shops. It prohibits vehicle drivers from honking their horns near any place that serves cold drinks and sandwiches after 9:00 pm. Why just sandwich shops? No idea. We think that it is hard to enforce this law truly. Unless they station a cop outside every sandwich shop, however, to stay safe, don’t honk your horn near a subway in the evening. Otherwise, you might end up needing a lawyer. In any such case, it would be best to ensure that your lawyer has a valid on-site or online criminal justice degree to build a strong case.

  1. Throwing confetti is prohibited in Mobile, Alabama

While Mobile, Alabama celebrates Mardi Gras Carnival with enthusiasm, you cannot buy, sell, or toss confetti here. All these activities are illegal according to Alabama littering code. It is a weird law but, when you think of it, it is an environmentally-friendly move. The glittery-stuff contains many toxins that can harm human beings and animals if consumed and takes too long to decompose. Hence the implementation of the law followed an aim, i.e., to preserve the environment.

  1. Chewing gum in Singapore is illegal

Singapore prohibits everyone from chewing gum. It began in 1992 after some fools used some chewing gum to tinker with the Mass Rapid Transit system. Additionally, the Housing and Development Board was already spending $150,000 annually to clean gum residues. As a result of this vandalism act and the hefty cleanup costs, Singapore made it illegal to chew gum on its lands. Non-compliance, including producing, importing, selling, or blowing gum bubbles in Singapore, results in getting fined or serving jail time.

  1. Whispering in the church is illegal in Delaware

Here is yet another weird law. Enacted in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, this law sees whispering in churches as a disturbance during the act of peaceful worship. Doing so is punishable by law. However, while the law still applies, you don’t need to worry. It would take an exceptionally angry churchgoer to call the police.

  1. Don’t leave your car windows open in Canada and Australia

We all have a habit of cracking our car windows when it’s hot. However, there are strict regulations about leaving your car windows open in Canada and Australia. In Canada, the law allows you to leave them down but less than the width of a hand. In Nanaimo, Canada, a woman nearly evaded a $64 fine when she left her car windows down while parked in her school’s parking space. It happened back in 2012, and she was lucky that they let her off with a mere warning. You might not be this lucky, so beware.

Similarly, if you leave your windows open in Australia, it can cost you several hundred dollars in fines across states.

  1. You cannot speak too loudly in Fairbanks, Alaska

Do you speak too loudly when excited or trying to get your point across? Well, don’t do that in Fairbanks, Alaska, as here it is a crime. The code states that speaking so loudly that inhibit others from speaking freely in the same vicinity is a severe offense. It is disorderly conduct that disturbs the peace. It can cost you up to $2000 in fines and up to 90 days of jail time simultaneously.

The Bottom Line

We, humans, are strange beings. We behave strangely and draft stranger laws to control ourselves. Sometimes, some fools’ weird actions make us all suffer, like the chewing gum ban in Switzerland. While at others, the “high-mindedness” of lawmakers presents us with strange and often hilarious laws to obey. Above, we have listed just the eight weird laws that might cost you to pay a considerable fine. Trust us; these are only a few out of the many strange ones being imposed worldwide.

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