8 Reasons for Blackouts at Home

Blackouts are becoming more of a hassle as our lives become more ingrained in electronics. Many of us are working from home, seeking relaxation online, and even attending school through our computers. When a blackout comes around, it can feel like we’re left in the dark. So here are 8 reasons for blackouts at home.

External Blackouts

External blackouts refer to a loss of electricity reaching a home or building. These are caused by events outside of the homeowner’s control.

1. Excessive Power Demand

These blackouts are becoming more common as more people are using electricity during hot summers. The power grid has issues supplying that much energy at once, and hotter weather lowers how much electricity can be transferred causing the system to overload and go out.

2. Extreme Weather

Earthquakes and bushfires can cause damage to the power grid and knock out power for cities or select neighborhoods. Storms with high winds and rain can also cause a lot of damage. If this happens, it’s best to remain calm and wait for the event to pass and the area’s electricians to fix the issue. It’s good to prepare for an outage if a strong storm or bushfire is approaching.

3. Accidents by Humans

Sometimes, people can cause problems by unknowingly messing with power lines or equipment. A builder might dig into an underground power line, an arborist might cut down a tree for it to land on a power line, or even someone might have an accident into a utility pole.

4. Accidents by Animals

Just the same with humans causing accidents, animals can get into equipment and short circuit the power grid and cause select areas to have a blackout. Both of these incidents can be a quick fix so long as an electrician can come out to fix the issue.

5. Unpaid Bill

It’s becoming rarer now, but bills still do go unpaid and electricity can be shut off. Some people can’t pay their bills for certain reasons, or there’s an issue with the payment, or perhaps they simply forget. A quick call to the electricity provider can solve the issue.

Internal Blackouts

Blackouts refer mainly to wider areas of effect, but can also mean a single house. Internal blackouts affect only a select home as the equipment within has malfunctioned.

6. Fuses were Tripped

If a fuse feels too much power is being used, it might trip as a safety mechanism. Simply turn the fuse back on in the fuse box and reduce the number of electronic devices in use to return power.

7. Faulty Circuit Breaker

If power consistently goes out in a home, oftentimes without reason, the circuit breaker might be malfunctioning. A registered electrician can help fix this with a quick visit.

8. Too Many Power Boards

If someone is using a bunch of power boards, especially out of one outlet or chained together, they can cause a short blackout. It’s best to reduce how many electronics are plugged in and never chain power boards together.

Don’t Fear Blackouts

Hopefully, this list offers great insight into the causes of blackouts at home and the possible solutions someone can perform. Blackouts can be an inconvenience, sometimes unavoidable, but not to be feared with the right precautions.

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