8 Problems Many Brides Make When Buying a Wedding Dress

It is easy to see why many brides have difficulty finding the perfect wedding dress. There are so many different styles and designers that it can be difficult to find just one! However, if you know what to look for and avoid these eight common mistakes, you will be able to find your dream gown more quickly than ever before.

Shopping Too Early

Many brides make the mistake of shopping too early. Remember, wedding dresses are usually bought months in advance. This may lead you to buy a dress that is no longer available when your wedding date nears. Instead, consider holding off on buying until at least three months ahead of time and use this time to do additional research and find your perfect dress.

Trying On Too Many Dresses

Another mistake that many brides make is trying on too many dresses. It can become difficult to stay focused when you are overwhelmed with options. You may end up buying a dress because it’s the latest trend or simply because you are sick of shopping. Remember, weddings are once in a lifetime event, so you want to feel positive about your choice.

Buy a dress that you feel completely confident in, not one that fits the latest fashion trends. You can always make alterations to make sure it’s up to date!

Being Swayed by Steep Discounts

It is easy to fall in love with a dress that has been marked down significantly. However, keep in mind that it may not be as lovely once you take off the sale price tag and purchase it at full retail cost. Sales can often drive-up demand which means more brides will want your perfect gown! Before buying anything, make sure you do your research and make a list of all the dresses that fit your criteria. Only consider buying from a store that offers you a fair deal without discounts.

Demanding the Wrong Size

Many brides mistake demanding a wedding dress in their standard size when they haven’t been fitted for one. Remember, wedding dresses need to be custom sized. Instead of using your normal sizing chart, make an appointment at a local bridal store and have yourself professionally measured. If you are a petite bride or between sizes, do not fear. There are wedding dresses designed for shorter brides and petite figures!

 Sticking With One Styl

If you are dead set on a certain style of dress, you may be limiting yourself unnecessarily. Many brides find their dream gown by trying different styles until they find one that fits them perfectly. If you are open to different styles, you will have a much easier time finding the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

Buying a Dress You Don’t Love

This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all. If you are not in love with your wedding dress, you will not feel confident on your big day. It is essential that you find a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Remember, you will be wearing this dress for hours, so it’s important that you love it!

Trying On Dresses You Can’t Afford

Finally, many brides mistake trying on dresses that are well outside their price range. Bridal stores may offer special discounts but do not expect them to go significantly lower than retail price. If you find a dress you like and it is more than you expected to pay, try offering the store owner a deposit or asking for an extended payment plan.

Not Accounting for Extra Costs

Keep in mind that your wedding dress will not be the only expense on your big day. You will also need to factor in the cost of alterations, shoes, and accessories. Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind before beginning your search for the perfect gown.

Now that you are aware of these common mistakes, you can avoid them and find the perfect wedding dress for your big day!

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