8 Essentials That’ll Help You Shape Your New Career

With the continuous changes in the global economy and technological advancement, one may easily find themselves being obsolete and without a job. Here are tips on some of the simple ways one can gradually enhance their careers and prevent them from becoming obsolete at the workplace.

Keep learning

One, you should progressively upgrade your Curriculum Vitae by engaging in short-time courses or educational advancement. Educational advancement may involve enrolling in a Diploma, Degree, Masters or PhD program in your local or upcountry Universities.

Short-term courses can be done via an online learning platform an example of such is the Harvard online learning platform. For individuals with a career in Information Technology, Diploma in Information technology in Australia is highly recommended. This will add on onto the list of certificates and improve on your flaws.

Evaluate yourself

Constantly perform a career evaluation on yourself and f that may seem difficult to ask your boss to evaluate you, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, will help you to formulate an action plan to improve your performance at the workplace. In a case where you are self-employed sought out creative criticism from your colleges. Maximize your talents and improve.

Keep abreast with trends

Keep up with technological changes and trends, become tech-savvy. Learn technological skills even if they don’t deem to have a direct link in your line of work. You never know when that skill may become more marketable than your job. Learning should be integrated into your day to day activities at work. Read articles and journals related to your work. With fast internet and technological advancement, sourcing for information has easily accessible.

Build a network

Develop connections and professional networks by building strong interpersonal relationships not only at your workplace but also in other professional fields. Activate a network of peers within our own personal circle. This can be achieved by joining professional groups, engaging in work conferences and training programs.

Actively participate in online group discussions concerning the current trends in your field and use it as an avenue to form substantial relationships. The newly formed relationships aid in the discovery of new opportunities, learn a skill or provide social recreation. Real growth and career advancement only occur when we have the right conditions and people surrounding us.

Consider adapting

You should not be afraid of change; on the contrary, you should embrace it. Take up new challenging tasks at the workplace. This will present learning opportunities to either perfect an old skill or learn a new one. Overcome that hurdle and emerge victoriously. Management will view you as a hardworking, resilient and diverse employee and in cases where retrenchment may our, you’ll have safeguarded your job and you will become indispensable.

Bring value at your workplace

This involves going the extra mile to thoroughly satisfy your client and the boss. Learn a new skill, streamline processes in the office, collaborate with your colleagues in brainstorming effective ways you can solve issues that come up. Get a mentor in your field who you aspire to be like. Mentors are a great source of feedback, insight on current trends and they provide an easy guideline on how to achieve success as they have.

Learn new skills

Learn skills in the workplace that will never seem to become obsolete. Such skills include leadership, communication and innovation. Effective communication is a vital skill that will never be obsolete. Effective communication is diverse and it ranges from good listening skills, practising empathy and being more charismatic. As a famous quote once said smiling is contagious when you smile you become more approachable.

Smiling inspires trust and confidence. Be charismatic, be energetic yet genuine, make the people you talk to feel appreciated and valued. Become a leader at your workplace, practice honesty, and integrity. Be empathetic. This will make you become a viable candidate for promotions.

Get creative.

Innovation is the ability to create solutions that have never been heard of or view the problem from a completely new perspective. It also involves converting an idea into a reality. Be flexible and adapt easily to change. The world is a constantly changing dynamic and change in the business world will obviously be inevitable. Only employees who are diverse and flexible will be able to withstand the test of time. However, resilience is an admired trait. Resilience in terms of ability to withstand disappointment and set-backs at the workplace.

Obsolescence is slowly but rapidly becoming a reality at the workplace with more and more workers being retrenched and automation of most activities that previously required the human touch. However, you should not allow yourself to become expendable. Take charge and take the necessary steps to enhance and protect your career and livelihood. Take that extra shift, learn that new skill, engage in constructive discussions with colleagues, approach more clients, expand your horizon and sooner rather than later you will secure that job, get that lucrative promotion or create a booming business.

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