7 Trending Things A Motoring Freak Must Know

Automotive technology is forever changing and if you are a car enthusiast you should know about the latest trends. The following 7 vehicle trends are playing a huge role in the modern automotive industry. Here is a list of these trends and what they mean to car lovers.

1.Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Autonomous driving vehicles are still being developed. However, they are closer to becoming a reality in terms of commercial availability. While self-driving autos will be used primarily for commercial purposes (taxis or public transportation services) they will eventually be utilized for private motorist. Self-driving technology will be expensive when this technology arrives, but they will eventually become cost-effective for the masses. If you’re a car enthusiast with the money you certainly should purchase a self-driving vehicle. They will be among the biggest changes in the automotive industry.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Automobiles

The Internet of Things is a systematic process that connects various machines and electronics to the internet. This technology is used for many different appliances, computers, electronics and even objects such as furniture or cars can be connected to the internet. The IoT will be useful for automobiles because it will allow drivers to access news, traffic reports, weather, emergency situations and other information directly from their cars. They can be updated about accidents and even find out what is happening at their home. The IoT in vehicles will also allow manufacturers to directly communicate with consumers about the latest updated information for their vehicles. The IoT will turn modern vehicles into a computer rolling machine.

  1. Monitoring and Safety Camera Features

Safety technology is for vehicles. The latest new cars are now being equipped with monitoring and advanced camera features. These features provide drivers with a greater ability to see what is happening all around them while they drive. This tech will help to keep inexperienced drivers safer while they learn how to drive. Car enthusiasts should also like this new tech because it will allow them to operate their vehicles with fewer accidents. Anti-collision warning systems are also included within the new safety features as well.

  1. Must have Interior Perks for New Vehicles

New cars are going to be outfitted with all sorts of interior perks. These features include heated seats and even heated steering wheels. A heated steering wheel will help a person’s hands to stay warm on a cold day. There will also be massaging units added to seats. New stereo systems will also be included. They will produce a more dynamic sound. Wireless technology will allow users to charge up their devices and updated apps will be included as well.

  1. Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software

Stolen vehicles are a common thing in any developed or developing country. At least 750,000 are stolen every year. However, about 50% of them are recovered. Stolen vehicle tracking software is now becoming standard in most new vehicles. This simply means that drivers will have a more secure way to protect their car. If their stolen, this tech will also improve the chances of getting the car back.

  1. Modern Cruise Control is Adaptive

Adaptive cruise control is a useful tech that will allow your vehicle to adapt to the speed of other cars surrounding it. This tech measures the speed of the vehicle in front of it. Once it has gathered this information it will then adjust your vehicle’s speed to keep pace with the car ahead. This technology will help you to mitigate bad traffic and to keep you moving along with less stress.

  1. Dual Clutch Transmission and your Ride

Dual-clutch transmissions are designed to give drivers a smooth ride. They allow for easier shifting and handling on the road.   transmissions also help vehicles to last longer since they are easier on the motor. Dual-clutch transmissions will probably become a standard design for many future vehicles.


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