7 Things To Know When To Seek Legal Advice When Injured At Work

If you believe you have been injured at work due to the negligence of a third party or the company itself then the next step you need to take is seeking the legal advice of Perth Work Injury Law. The process of seeking compensation from a company or third party can be stressful, complex and difficult at times, this is why it is of the utmost importance to gauge the assistance of a professional Work-Related Injury Lawyer. You deserve to be compensated for your losses and you also deserve to have an advocate in your corner to fight tooth and nail for everything you are entitled to. These professionals will also provide you with a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your rights are, what the process entails and what you are entitled to. It is always highly recommended to seek the advice of an experienced work injury lawyer before pursuing a work compensation claim.

This article will delve deep into where seeking legal advice in this area is appropriate and applicable and when it is important to obtain the support you need and deserve.
Here are 7 Things To Know When To Seek Legal Advice When Injured At Work:

No WorkCover Insurance

If your employer does not possess WorkCover Insurance to cover work-related accidents, injury or illness then it will be extremely difficult to settle on a compensation amount outside of a courtroom. Although it is mandatory for a lot of business owners to have WorkCover Insurance, if they do not or if they are simply to access it for your incident, then it is essential for you to seek the assistance of a work injury lawyer to cover both your financial loss as well as medical related expenses.

Significant Damages

Significant damages such as disfigurement, disabilities or the loss of a limb or bodily function will require significant compensation. If you are unable to work to full capacity because of a work-related injury or you have found that you have experienced life-changing injuries, your work injury lawyer will seek ongoing coverage and compensation to take care of lost income and ongoing medical bills.

Financial Strain and Loss

One of the biggest stressors that come along with workplace injuries aside from the recovery process is the financial strain and the income loss due to your inability to work. This can also affect and prolong the time it takes for you to recover from the injury itself and the vicious cycle begins. Work injury lawyers fight tooth and nail to obtain the best possible outcome and the most compensation that you are entitled to recover your losses, so you can dedicate your focus on recovering.


If your injury is as a direct result of the negligence of your employer then it is vital that you seek legal advice before proceeding to make a claim. These Lawyers are experts in all aspects of this field and know how to navigate the intricacies of your claim as well as negotiating with the third party to achieve the results you deserve.

Access Expert Advice

The process of making a claim against your employer for compensation due to a work-place injury can be time-consuming, convoluted and stressful. Having a resource that you can depend on for the expertise, skill and negotiation power is of the utmost importance when it comes to achieving the outcome you are entitled to. Work Injury Lawyers are extremely experienced and will ensure you are provided with the necessary expert advice you require to recover all of your losses.

Psychological Harm

Compensation for workplace related injury is not only related to physical injury, psychological harm and damage also falls under this umbrella. As this aspect can be more difficult to navigate when it comes to making a claim, this is one of the most important times to obtain the advice and assistance of a professional lawyer.

Toxic Exposure, Repetitive Stress Injury and Occupational Illness

Along with physical, psychological and traumatic injuries, if you have been exposed to elements or procedures that have inflicted pain, strain, illness such as Toxic Exposure, Repetitive Stress Injury and Occupational Illness then you are also entitled to make a claim. These claims are also more difficult to pursue and provide another reason why you should always seek professional legal advice.

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