7 Things Medicare Does Not Cover

Medicare comes in handy when you turn 65 years. Either you will pay it for yourself, or your children will finance it for you. Medicare and its plans are things you should consider once you get to this age. There is the original Medicare that consists of part A and part B and covers a large portion of your medical expenses. This includes hospice care, inpatient hospital visits, surgery, and stay in skilled nursing facilities in part A. While for part B, it sorts out outpatient care, medical supplies and equipment, and also some preventive services. There are others like Medicare plan G and others within this cover that you can benefit from, hence it is best to understand all of them. Unfortunately, there are things Medicare does not cover, as mentioned in this article.

  1. Prescription drugs 

If you have to get outpatient prescription drugs, Medicare does not provide coverage. However, you can buy part D prescription drug policy that provides a cover for this. Alternatively, buy a Medicare Advantage plan that covers both drug and medical costs. When you consider these two options, you can sign up for them as you enroll in Medicare or if you have no other drug coverage that you are using. Also, you can change policies in the next open enrollment season. However, ensure you compare the coverage and costs for the modifications in the cover you opt for by checking through Medicare plan finder.

  1. Dental care

It is important to have routine dental visits and teeth cleaning. Also, you can go for fillings, teeth cleaning, dentures, and tooth extractions, but Medicare does not provide coverage for this too. Nonetheless, some Medicare Advantage plans cover X-rays, basic cleanings but with an annual coverage cap. Besides, you can get coverage from the dental discount plan or a different dental insurance policy, among many other available options. Optionally, you can decide to build up a health savings account before you get into Medicare. However, you cannot make new contributions to an HSA after you already signed up.

  1. Medical care overseas

While traveling outside the U.S, Medicare does not cover any medical care that you need unless on necessary circumstances. However, Medigap plans C through M, G, and N cover about 80% of the cost of emergency care while overseas. Therefore, others prefer to buy a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses when you are outside the U.S. Still, opt to get Medicare advantage plans that come in handy for emergencies abroad. Including a cover for emergency medical evacuation if you need one while abroad is vital. Since it costs you a lot of money if you will need transport with a helicopter or medical plane in case of medical emergencies.

  1. Long term care

One huge cost in retirement is the cost of long-term care. If you have an aging parent that has to go to a nursing home, the median cost of a private room is on the higher side. Yet, Medicare does not cover for custodial care, for instance, dressing, bathing, and other activities necessary for daily living. However, it provides cover for skilled nursing services. So, to cover these costs, consider buying a combination of life insurance policy and long term care, or just long term care insurance. Understand how to cover the costs and get all the information you need if it is a cover you will need.

  1. Vision care 

Generally, Medicare does not provide coverage for a routine eye exam. Although, if you have diabetes and need an annual eye exam or eyeglasses after you have cataract surgery, Medicare advantage plans come in handy with providing vision care. Alternatively, you can decide to buy a separate supplement policy that covers are on eye alone or includes something else that is not within Medicare, such as dental care or hearing aids and others. If you had money in your health savings account before enrolling in Medicare, use the money for contact lenses, glasses, prescription sunglasses, and other out of pocket costs for vision care.

  1. Hearing aids 

Hearing aids and hearing exams can cost above $3000 per ear, and so you have to pay it yourself as Medicare does not cover. Well again, some Medicare Advantage plans cover fitting exams and hearing aids. Also, they cover some discount programs that provide a low cost of hearing aids. So, to know about how Medicare has options for retirees, even though it does not cover hearing aids, talk to your agent. Plus, if you save money in Health saving account before you are part of Medicare. Use the tax-free money for hearing aids as an option and other out of pocket expenses that you will incur.

  1. Co-pays and deductibles 

Although there is what the traditional Medicare covers, the copayments, and deductibles are your responsibility. Although it varies from one year to the other. If you do not have the supplemental coverage, a Medicare supplement or the Medicare advantage will fill the gaps. Get Medigap policies from private insurers, and they can explain better concerning how best you qualify for it. Medicare Advantage is beneficial of all, as it will provide drug and medical coverage through the insurer and others like dental and vision care.

To sum up, the above may not be part of the Medicare cover, but they have options that will be as helpful as well. So, as you take a Medicare cover for your elderly parents and relatives, it is important to look at what is and is not in the Medicare cover. Check through the Medicare sites to be familiar with the types of care and procedures and also the coverage rules. Also, check to see how to handle it if they deny your claim. Plus, how to follow through such an issue. So, what is not in the cover, and it concerns you, you can opt for a cover that will favor you or a package within the Medicare cover.

After “So, to cover these costs, consider buying a combination of life insurance policy and long term care, or just long term care insurance. You can also sell a life insurance policy for cash through a process called a life settlement, which can help you pay for long term care costs.

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