7 Steps to Take Immediately after a DUI Charge

There is nothing scarier than getting arrested in a DUI charge for any individual. Particularly, when it’s the first time, it can be very confusing and frustrating. It is important to know what steps you should take first. Make sure you hire a Phoenix DUI attorney to handle your case. This is because even if you just had a little dose of drugs, the consequences of the arrest won’t be any different. This is why steps must be taken wisely right after the arrest for the protection and outcome of the trial.

1. Get Chemical Tests Done Immediately

The first step after getting charged is to take the tests right away. This is important as they will determine the alcohol level in your body. The police officers will ask you for it once you’ve been arrested. Make sure you don’t refuse to take the tests as it will only worsen the situation.

2. Take a Ride and Go Home

Once you’ve seen the police officers, take a ride and go home. Law in some countries asks you to spend at least one night in jail, while others release you from jail as soon as someone pays your bill. The appropriate thing to do in either of the circumstances is to get a ride and go home.

3. Remember Your Court Date

You will get a notice about your hearing in court. Make sure you remember this date to attend the hearing. Mark that date somewhere, so you do not miss it. Also, if you have any other appointments on the same day, cancel them to make sure you attend your hearing. Missing your hearing date will result in serious consequences.

4. Get in Contact with a DUI Lawyer

It is recommended to hire a DUI attorney as they’re the ones who understand these cases. Make sure your lawyer has the experience of handling these cases if you’re hiring a general lawyer. A lawyer who has proper knowledge will very likely bring positive outcomes.

5. Finding a Bail Bondsman

Locating your bail bondsman is important because it guarantees that you’d attend all your court hearings. The bondsman can come looking for you in case you don’t appear in the hearings.

6. Appeal for a DMV Hearing

Your license can get suspended if you do not appeal for a DMV hearing. It will decide if you are permitted to have your license anymore or not. You can have at most ten days to make a formal request for the hearing.

7- Make Arrangements for an Arraignment

The part of a trial where a person enters his plea is called the arraignment. With the help of an expert DUI counsel on your side, you can make a strong case for yourself and even win the case. You will get a jury trial after the plea of not guilty. With this, you can challenge the merits of the case and even prove that you were not drunk when you were driving your car.

After staying overnight in jail, get yourself a ride home right away. Do not forget the date you are going to appear in court regarding your DUI charge. Hiring a Phoenix DUI attorney can be very beneficial. As you do not have a driver’s license, for now, make an arrangement to get to the court. It is possible to fight DUI charges and ultimately win the case, so don’t plead guilty.

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