7 Signs You Need Heating Repair in West Chester PA

Is your heating system not working properly? Are your energy bills higher than usual? Furnaces require regular maintenance to work efficiently, as it’s the only way for homeowners to prevent breakdowns in the middle of winter.

It’s paramount for household residents to monitor the work of these systems so as to avoid surprises in the winter season. The majority of heating West Chester PA technicians have received superior training to provide not just small repairs but also complete installations.

There are certain signs of malfunction to look out for, such as high power bills, yellow burner flame, strange noises, dust accumulation, poor air quality, etc.

Learn about each sign in detail.

High power bills

An important telltale sign that homeowners in West Chester need heating repair is the increase in power bills. It’s common for furnaces to experience a decrease in efficiency over time, meaning your system has to work harder to keep your house warm. Not only electricity bills but also gas bills might become outrageously high, which is an indicator of malfunction.

While utility companies might gradually increase their rates, any drastic increase in bills is a cause to raise the alarm. If you notice a shoot-up in your power bills, perhaps it’s the right time to contact a heating repairman to conduct a system inspection or repair any defects.

The burner flame becomes yellow

Another sign that your heating system requires repair is the change in color of the burner flame. The burner flame of gas furnaces is supposed to be blue. Nevertheless, if it turns yellow, it might indicate carbon monoxide presence in the house. Carbon monoxide isn’t just colorless but odorless as well.

CO is a hazardous gas when exposed to it for a longer period. The symptoms of poisoning resemble those of flu, such as dizziness, vomiting, headaches, chest pain, fatigue, etc. Click here for an overview of carbon monoxide poisoning and symptom explanation.

In case you notice any of these symptoms in household members, waste no time vacating your home and contacting heating professionals to address the problem. Also, if the gas flame changes color from blue to yellow, call the professionals right away.

Weird noises

Strange furnace noises are unmistakable signs of a heating problem that requires repair. Old systems are prone to producing occasional noises due to wear and tear. Anyhow, if your furnace starts producing weird noises out of nowhere, there’s a high risk of coping with a defect. The most problematic noises include rumbling, banging, thumping, whistling, rattling, squealing, etc.

Each noise occurs because of a specific reason. Professionals, however, are experts in detecting the problem just by listening to the sounds. For instance, rattling might be an indicator of unsecured ductwork or loose screws. In contrast, thumping usually appears when facing an ignition issue. Squeaking might indicate loose motor bearings or a damaged belt.

Moreover, a loud bang upon turning on the furnace should warn homeowners of a gas build-up inside the system. Although it’s normal for heating systems to produce certain noise levels, these sounds aren’t supposed to be loud. Instead of ignoring them, you should contact professionals to have them checked out. Sometimes, they predict severe problems that may result in a breakdown.

Insufficient warmth

Another telltale sign of a furnace problem for West Chester homeowners to have in mind is the insufficient home warmth. While the unit might be working, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s working properly. If you shiver in spite of turning the heat on or you detect cold spots in some areas, there might be an issue with your system. Also, the air coming out of the vents shouldn’t be lukewarm but warm.

Some homeowners notice a difference in temperature across rooms. For instance, some areas of the house are sufficiently warm, while others are cool and drafty. If the temperature doesn’t increase by turning up the thermostat, you’re probably dealing with a heating airflow problem. In general, the usual causes of insufficient heating are either defective furnace parts or thermostat problems. Follow this link, https://www.wikihow.com/Set-a-Thermostat, to learn how to set a thermostat.

Plenty of dust

While dust is normal in households, an excessive amount of dust may be an indicator of a heating problem. When a furnace is defective, blower issues usually indicate the air pressure traveling through the air ducts isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

Furthermore, the decrease in air pressure leads to dust accumulation in the air ducts or on the grates. In case you have noticed more dust than usual while dusting the surfaces, make sure you look for other signs that prove the presence of a heating issue.

The furnace age

The age of your furnace is another factor that affects the system’s efficiency. Similar to other household units, furnaces are bound to deteriorate and eventually break down. The average lifespan of these units is between fifteen and twenty-five years. West Chester homeowners who cannot tell whether their systems are old should look for a pilot light.

In addition, in case your system has a pilot light, it means the furnace might be older than twenty years. Old units are more susceptible to breakdowns and inefficiency. Therefore, residents of West Chester whose units have served them for longer than twenty years should consider getting an upgrade or replacing them with new ones.

Poor air quality

The air quality in households speaks volumes about the efficiency of heating systems. Faulty furnaces are likely to circulate mildew, dust, allergens, and other contaminants everywhere around the house. In the meantime, household residents might develop symptoms of asthma and other respiratory illnesses, such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulties, etc.

Prior to contacting the professionals, homeowners can try changing the filter and look for any improvements in air quality. If no improvements are experienced, the next step should definitely be hiring a furnace repairman.

Final word

Once you notice any of these signs, call professionals right away!

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