7 Reasons To Pursue a Degree in Social Work

Social work is a profession providing services to people, families, groups, ethnicities, or society. It aims to help the communities meet their necessities, making it one of the most fulfilling careers for many people. Social workers get to help people who are struggling in their life and provide aid during crises.

People who choose this field want to make an impact on other people’s life. But a job like social work doesn’t come without its difficulties. It is physically demanding, emotionally draining, and often very stressful.

The working conditions can be questionable, and the pay not enough sometimes. But these are the sacrifices a person gives to make an actual profound impact on people’s life. If you are considering pursuing a degree in social work, here are some reasons to convince you that it is worth it.

  1. It is all about helping people

Social work jobs revolve around helping people during emergencies, crises, trauma, and other difficulties. So, this job revolves around values like social justice and wanting to treat everyone equally and fairly. Your social work degree will help you support people more effectively and train them to bring environmental changes to aid their situation. Social workers also help people learn skills, or they can help people improve the skills they already have. Social workers aim to bring a better chance in society, and social work degrees can help you learn how to achieve that.

  1. The academia route!

You don’t need a particular educational background in social work to apply for your post-grad. All you need is a bachelor’s degree; the specialization doesn’t matter. You can do volunteer work and write a personal essay about why you want to pursue this degree, and you can apply for your Master’s program. Now that Covid-19 has caused lockdowns and confined us to our homes, you can apply for an online Master of social work program and study at home.

  1. You will find many job opportunities

Pursuing a social work degree means that you will never have to struggle to find a job. There are plenty of people that need help and plenty of organizations ready to assist. You will find numerous job opportunities in different sectors according to your interests.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can expect a growth of 11% till the year 2028. It means that the growth rate for the social work industry is higher than average. As depressing as that may sound, people will always suffer and struggle, and you won’t run out of ways to help them.

  1. You will gain transferable skills

The skills you learn from your degree will help you in many different fields. You will learn soft skills such as teamwork, empathy, communicational skills, problem-solving skills, crisis management, etc. It means that you can easily use them to work in different sectors and work in varying roles. Your job choices depend upon your field of interest, and you get the option to explore your preferences.

  1. You will meet like-minded people

Your social work degree will allow you to meet people with the same thought process and values. You will meet people who want to make a difference in the world and fight to bring people justice. The people who study social work communicational skills degree wish to pursue this career due to their passion and empathy. It is the element that makes a social work degree stand out from all other degrees.

  1. You may have your student loans forgiven

Another advantage of choosing this degree is that if you become a professional social worker, the government can excuse your student loans. The percentage of loans forgiven will depend on the profession you work in and the position you hold. As per the CCR Act of 2007, full-time applicants with more than ten years of experience and a history of returning loans, the government can forgo your remaining loan balance upon your application. It includes your professional career in government jobs as well as non-profit organizations. Sometimes, employers also help you repay your loans.

  1. Social work leads to self-improvement

Social work is all about putting everyone else’s needs above yourselves. So, it is not surprising that social workers are mature and selfless people with a deep-set desire to help other people. The profession of a social worker helps them grow mentally and spiritually by helping other people. Because when a person fights for someone’s rights, empowers people, or educate them, they are doing the same for themselves. It is also the reason why social work is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. Social workers make a significant impact in people’s life by making them better, and by doing so, make theirs a little better as well.


Social work is all about helping people, not in terms of a few encouraging words or advice. Social workers put themselves in dangerous positions to advocate for the rights of the repressed. They help the poor and needy and sometimes risk their health by doing so. If it sounds like a thing you want to do, then a social work degree is the best choice for you.

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