7 Products You Can Try If You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is the fuel that our body and mind need to function properly. If you don’t get enough sleep even for one night, you will feel groggy the next day and the daily efficiency tends to go down by 50 percent. A night of good sleep is a way to keep the body rejuvenated all the time but if only getting it was so easy. Some people have trouble falling asleep due to some external factors which can be controlled by correcting the environment around us while for some, the internal clock is not on point which makes you feel tired and frustrated all the time. To get a good night sleep try some of these tricks which will help you calibrate the internal body clock and will also induce calming effects in the ambience:

1. Eye Mask

This is the simplest trick in the book. An eye mask will block all the unwanted lights that are hampering your sleep. No more you have to face the arguments on keeping the lights off or dim because your roommate wants to read or your husband wants to work. Just put a cute eye mask on and be ready to wander off in dreams.

2. Sunrise Alarm

You don’t need to break your sleep with a loud and annoying noise of an alarm. Your body is naturally trained to wake up to the sunlight and this alarm will simulate the sunrise thus waking you up with a natural instinct. It will be easier for your body to adapt to the natural element than an artificial one.

3. Indoor Plants

Easy to maintain indoor plants like a Bamboo Plant keeps the air fresh and clean inside the house. Fresh air keeps the body healthy and working in all the right ways. It helps in reducing different kind of ailments too and will make you fall a sleep deeply which is a much-needed factor for your mind to work with a fresh aspect.

4. Sleep Aid Device

A sleeping aid device emits a gently pulsating light which acts as a breathing guide which helps you to fall asleep naturally without medication. This technology might help your body to tick the internal clock right and make it a habit to sleep at a fixed time every night. Also, it will relax you as you take deep breaths while trying to nudge off.

5. White Noise Machine

This one will make you fall asleep like a baby! It comes along with a headphone so you can listen to it privately without disturbing anyone in the house. It has other natural sounds of sea, waterfall and rain if white noise is not your cup of tea. These natural sounds will take you to a world of peace.

6. A Colouring Book

Keep the blue light emitting from your electronics away buy switching off your mobile phones and focusing more on your artistic side. A colouring book with stress relieving designs will melt your stress away and relax your brain which will eventually lead to dozing off in a matter of minutes.

7. Pillow Spray

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a spray for your pillow to make you fall asleep. Infused with lavender and wild chamomile, it bears a soothing scent which helps in reducing sleep-related anxiety, thus calming your mind.

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