7 Premium Business Cards To Choose From That Will Amaze Your Clients

Irrespective of today’s technological advancements and everything turning digital, business cards are irreplaceable. No amount of digitalization can take their place. Business cards are an effective way of creating your business’s first impression in front of your clients. To find out more about the benefits of having a digital business card, visit this website: https://newstable.org/

Your company’s business card represents your brand identity. It mentions important contact details like website, email, contact number, address, etc. More importantly, it exposes your business for the first time in front of prospective clients. Elements of the business card, like the color, texture, font size, and design, speak about the industry your business represents. The printing technique, like stamping, laminating, and thermography, also matters. Briefly, the business card reflects your company’s essence and personality in front of the world.

Smart Business Cards

With everything turning digital, paper cards have become outdated. Smart business cards have now replaced the old paper cards. In addition, after the outbreak of coronavirus, QR codes have become ubiquitous. When you shift to a smart digital card, clients can easily scan the card’s barcode to access your details like the website, contact information, social media handles, and much more.

Not only that, smart or digital business cards are now equipped with NFC (near field communication), so all you need to do is tap the smart card on the device (should support NFC) of the person you are willing to share your business card with and done. All the details are now saved on their device.

Functional or Not: Cards

Functional business cards if their concept is catchy and interesting. These cards continue to be trending if customers actually like them. Business cards do not have to be a card; they can be a toothbrush, pen, lock, or comb. Whatever design you plan to adopt, make sure it is fun; otherwise, it will be quickly forgotten.

For instance, you can print a to-scale ruler on your card so that the next time your client needs to measure something and looks for a ruler here and there; the client can simply look at your card and get the problem solved. Printing your business card in the form of a handy bicycle multi-tool can also be an innovative idea.

Modern polygonal business cards for professionals

A lot of businesses do not pay enough attention to business card design. That is where they lose a majority of their prospective clients. If you are willing to stand out from the rest of your competitors, you can opt for modern polygonal business card designs.

Professional business card with a minimalistic template

As the name suggests, these business cards have a minimalistic yet professional design. These cards are not very loud in their outlook. The premium template can be edited with ease. Businesses simply need to add their names and other important information, modify the shades and add corporate colors. That is all! The cards are ready to be printed.

Modern logo professional business cards

These types of business cards emphasize your business’s logo primarily. They comprise three colors only. The best part is even with limited colors on your card; it will stand out and will not fail to impress your clients. Simply put the required texts in the right places, change the colors, and your professional business card will be ready!

Polka- professional business card

Polka is a unique, creative and professional business card idea. Polka business cards are suitable for businesses of all types, like agencies, corporate institutes, artists, designers, photographers, and artists. Card owners can modify these cards as per their choice. For instance, they can change the color scheme, insert an image and add text. So get ready to design a chromatic business card with the polka business card idea.

Geometric black business cards

The concept of Geometric black business cards is trending nowadays. Clients will automatically attach the concept of modernity after receiving this business card. This card has a unique layout, which grabs the client’s attention. These cards can also be customized as per your business’s needs.

Business cards are still in demand in today’s virtual world. These cards are the means to establishing a cordial relationship with your clients, which greatly benefits your business. In addition, business cards are an effective marketing tool that creates trust, establishes a brand name, and conveys your brand’s essence to the clients.

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