7 Must-Have Things For A First Time Mother

Most people think about the things they need to get once a newborn baby arrives. There can often be a lot of pressure to get just what you need.

If you are a first-time mother, you might be overwhelmed, wondering what you need to get before the birth of your baby.

We have listed 7 crucial things that you will need as a first-time mother:

A baby capsule

A baby capsule is one of the first things you need to get as you prepare for the birth of your baby. You will need a safe and comfortable place to carry your little one when leaving the hospital.

Rear-facing baby capsules are required by law for newborn babies. With the removable capsule, this makes a portable solution for your little one, meaning you are not continually transferring them from one baby carry solution to another.

Baby wraps

You will need plenty of wraps for your baby. For instance, it is advisable to wrap your baby when going to sleep to keep them warm.

You do not necessarily have to buy wraps, cloths and muslins can do as well.

Wraps can be used as a light blanket to cover your baby’s stroller to protect them from the scorching sun.

Newborn babies are prone to vomiting, carry a spare wrap with you to wipe off any vomit that might occur. They are light and easily packed so are a perfect solution for cleaning up such messes.

A stroller

Getting out of the house and going for a walk is an excellent way for you and your baby to spend time. Doing a bit of homework before your babies arrival to see what kind of double stroller would suit you best is a worthwhile exercise.

Investing in a high-quality stroller means it will endure and last for longer. Go and try out some of the strollers available and see which is the most comfortable to push. Transporting the pram is an important consideration if you plan to do lots of travelling.

Breast milk bottle set

Your pediatrician will advise you breastfeeding options for those who are working and not able to provide milk on demand when a newborn is hungry.

Thanks to breast milk bottles, your child can still have breast milk while you are at work.

However, be sure to get a baby-friendly bottle to ensure your baby gets the milk without any complications. Also, you can talk to your pediatrician for more advice about formula feeding.

A nappy bag

A nappy bag is a must-have essential for any mother. Otherwise, how will you carry your baby’s essentials such as nappies when out and about?

Get a lightweight nappy bag that will be easy to carry around. The bag should also have enough compartments to store everything your baby will need for the day.

Again, there are lots of these on the market. Do a bit of shopping around to find the design you like the best. If you, or a friend, is creative, then you could have fun designing and making your nappy bag.

Baby bath and lotion

Your baby will need bathing. Get baby-friendly bath items. For example, the lotion and bathing soap should be at least mild if not natural.

Babies’ skins are delicate and so it may not be wise to wash your little ones with regular or highly perfumed soap. After a bath, be sure to rub some lotion on their skin to keep them moisturised.

A baby swing

Moms are always busy. You will have plenty of house chores to attend to in addition to nursing your baby. A baby swing will keep your baby occupied, helping you to juggle between babysitting and other household chores.

Go for a baby swing with rocking mechanisms, hookups for mp3 players, and maybe flashing lights. Such a baby swing will buy you more time and perhaps even help you get a fussy baby to sleep.

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