7 Insurance Options You Are Entitled During A Car Accident

If you have just been in a car accident and you do not know what to do next, you may experience extreme levels of stress and anxiety. There can be significant physical, emotional, mental and financial impacts that come along with car accidents and it is important to know your options when it comes to recovering your losses. Initially and understandably, most people consider two major factors straight after a car accident, the damage to your vehicle and whether any injuries have been inflicted. After some time, the realisation of just how much financial burden that occurs during the aftermath of the accident set in. It is of the utmost importance to ensure we are educated and well-informed with what our options are surrounding insurance and what we are entitled to claim after a car accident occurs. Overland Park car accident lawyers can help settle car accident cases and get you the compensation you deserve if you are injured.

This article will go into details as to what you are entitled to claim and recover monetary losses through and outside insurance processes and how to proceed.

Here are 7 Insurance Options You Are Entitled During A Car Accident:

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

Anyone who owns a vehicle must legally obtain compulsory third party insurance. This is a mandatory insurance that all motorists must have to ensure the protection of any person you may injure in the event of an accident, this however, will not cover other damages such as damages to the other vehicle or property or damages to your own car.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is just that – comprehensive. It covers many aspects that arise when a car accident occurs. These include damages to both your car and the vehicle and property of the other party as well as any legal cost that may come out of a lengthy compensation claim process. This specific insurance provides the most peace of mind to motorists.

Third Party Property Insurance

Third Party Only Insurance will only look after the damages caused to the other person as well as covering legal costs of the third party but will however, not cover your own losses and damages. This type of insurance is common coverage for a lot of motorists however will not give you the same peace of mind and security that you would have through comprehensive insurance.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance offers an array of benefits in many facets, and if you have been injured due to a car accident and are unable to work, income protection will cover up to 70% of your lost wages. Accessing this option when you are not able to work for an extended or unforeseeable amount of time will give you the peace of mind that all your bills will be covered and relieve you of unnecessary additional stress so you can focus on recovering.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

If a car accident has occurred, you have been significantly injured and a third party is at fault, then seeking compensation for your pain and suffering. This will cover physical, emotional, mental damage that has been inflicted on you due to the impacts of the car accident. Although the compensation amount will heavily depend on the severity of your physical and psychological damages and the duration in which these damages may last or impact your life, it is beneficial to make a claim.

Medical Expense Compensation

Again, depending on the severity of the damages you have received due to a car accident where a third party is at fault, you may be entitled to recovering your medical expenses. If you have prolonged or permanent injuries that require medical attention, rehabilitation, medications, or even home modification, you can seek compensation and reimbursement to cover out of pocket expenses.

Personal Injury Compensation

If you are struggling to come to an agreement with an insurance company in regards to an appropriate settlement and compensation amount due to the damages inflicted upon you by a third party then it is time to engage professional Accident Lawyers. These Lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of personal injury law and are experts in negotiating and navigating the process of getting you what you deserve. Engaging with a personal injury or accident lawyer is the best way to ensure a successful outcome.

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