7 household ways to remove dust from furniture

Cleaning the house and furniture from dust and dirt is an arduous daily task for housewives, especially if the attractiveness of the house is based on antiques and jars of plants and wall accessories, but what many do not realize that they contribute indirectly to make their task more difficult and tiring, in addition to the distribution of furniture Wrong at home as well as using some of the useless traditional methods may cause the loss of some distinctive pieces.

If you are looking for a villa to live in, it is advisable to stay away from villas with desert views or sand dunes, but if you prefer to stay in an apartment building, we recommend that you choose the apartment with windows overlooking the street or the building garden.

Getting rid of wooden furniture from dust is not easy, and it is a mistake made by some washing the wooden center tables with water and then drying them in the sun, and it is more correct to clean with wood polish.

To avoid scratching or damaging the colors of the vase, it is necessary to use a soft, dry fiber when cleaning clay artifacts and pots with prints and drawings. If the bottom of the vase is difficult to reach, the duster or brittle can be inserted into it without having to be washed with water. To accumulate dust inside and not take it out.

The importance of drying some types of furniture after washing with water, with a dry and clean towel, is to reduce the amount of dust that may stick to it after a period of cleaning, and for accessories and the center tables that enter the metal in the design is preferable to wipe with a dry towel so as not to rust.

It is true that innovative cabinets are modern and modern, but they do not protect clothes, accessories and shoes from dust and dust, because the design is free of doors, and here we have to rethink the process of buying them, let their elegant effect on the rooms cumbersome consequences.

If the windows overlook sand dunes, you should avoid placing beds, sofas, or sofas near them, for a number of reasons, including to avoid contamination of dust and dust, if you forget to close them before leaving the house, for example, so as not to wear quickly because of facing them For the sun, for curtains prefer to be lightweight and free of embroidery so easy to wash.

Crystal artifacts can be washed with water to restore their luster, but be sure to dry them with a new, dry towel, other than the ones you used during table cleaning, because the first towel lightly carries some dust and once the crystal artifacts are dried, you will have to re-wash them again with water. Reveal the dust parts that are attached to it.


Comfortable and multipurpose beds

It is no longer the only use of the bed to sleep and relax, but there are those who are looking for beds that enable them to achieve several goals besides sleeping comfortably, including the storage of things, where some modern models include large tractors undercarriage to help keep clothes, accessories or shoes. There are those who tend to buy beds that can fold and become a stylish sofa, which is very suitable for small houses in terms of space.


Sleeping pad comfort and harmony

When buying sleeping cushions, it is important to consider the effect of their shapes and covers on the overall appearance of the bedroom. Our focus is not only on being comfortable, flexible and meeting the need with different sleeping conditions, but also to be consistent with the bed style and colors that dominate the room. More during sleep we recommend cotton pillows due to their flexibility and lack of rigidity.


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