7 essential apps you must have on your Macbook

Macbooks are premium devices in the market today and owning one often means owning Apple devices all your life. They are known for their amazing diversity of features, desktop games, and unique applications. If you own a Macbook and want to make the best of it, you should consider having the following apps on your device. They will surely improve your experience tenfold.

1. FaceTime

Since FaceTime is generated by Apple, it is optimized for Macbooks, making them highly convenient to use for Macbook owners. This app allows effortless communication with your friends and family via video or voice calls. All you have to do is enter the phone number or email address of the person you intend to call and then choose whether you want an audio or video call.

2. Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is a wonderful backup app that secures all your data in a way that whenever something goes wrong, you can rest assured that you can easily get it back. Keeping Carbon Copy Cloner on your Macbook will help you tremendously in the long run. It creates a bootable backup so if your main drive malfunctions and you are unable to power your Mac, you can easily boot from the backup. It also lets you backup data on an external hard drive like a USB or another Mac.

3. Magnet

If you detest the fact that, unlike Windows, Mac does not let users resize their applications so that you can fit more than one tab on your screen, this app will resolve the dilemma. Magnet lets you rearrange your functioning applications to fill your screen so that you can work on multiple programs simultaneously. Although this helps more on bigger screens, smaller Macbooks can also use it.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the perfect to-do list app for managers, employees, and clients. It is a great way businesses can manage their tasks. It allows effective collaboration, effortless sharing, and collective working between clients, co-workers, and managers. This app is available for all Operating Systems so you can easily download it for your Macbook.

5. Adium

Adium is the perfect tool for decluttering and rearranging your instant messages in a way that makes them easier to manage and more organized. Neatly organizing your contacts lets you access your contacts via the right channel instead of finding them in a number of windows.

6. Google drive

While you may be aware of the general uses of Google Drive, do you know that you can also use it to work on spreadsheets and documents even when offline? Via google drive, you can very easily access all your data in one place.

7. Auto clicking tool

The Auto clicking tool for Macbook is one of the best tools that you should certainly consider installing. Auto clickers are a great way of avoiding the monotonous task of repetitive clicking, whether it is in online games or in other tasks. You can use an auto clicker for your left and right mouse buttons where these need to be clicker repeatedly.

These apps will be a great addition to your Macbook. These apps are likely to make your work much more convenient and interesting.

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