7 Efficient Tips For Planning a Wedding On A Budget

Have you got engaged recently? Well then congratulations to the two of you! What next? After getting engaged the very first thought that crosses a couples mind is to start with their wedding planning. For example, Pioneer Woman’s daughter Alex recently tied the knot at a ranch wedding that reportedly cost around $100,000. So, it’s important for newly engaged couples to start their wedding planning with a clear budget in mind to avoid overspending and financial stress down the line.. Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, it is an anticipated moment that a couple waits for eagerly. With the various wedding attributes such as decorating, catering, vendor booking planning for a wedding proves to be a tiresome and extensive affair.

Weddings are an expensive affair therefore needs to be planned accordingly. Are you tight on budget? Planning for having an economical wedding in Chandigarh? You must have then hired best wedding planners in Kolkata. Are you confused about how to trudge planning for your wedding in an economical way? Worry not as we have got your back. Here are a few efficient ways in which you can plan for your wedding within a budget. Check em’ out.

1. Keep Your Guest List Short

At weddings you have attended you must have come across people whom you have met rarely. It might be tempting to invite everyone like all your distance uncles, aunts cousins, long distance friends to be part of your big day. Being on a budget it would not be fruitful to invite everyone to your wedding as it would mean over expenses. A big fat wedding with the wedding venue flooded with people has become a concept of the past. With changing times intimate weddings in the presence of the your close kith and kins has become a hyping concept.

To have an intimate wedding start by whittling the guest list, cutting out names of those unwanted invitees. Avoid making the guest list bloat with names of unwanted invitees. The short guest list makes your wedding more intimate and private.

2. Ask For Wedding Help

Wedding gifts are a talk of the past. If the guests at your wedding are keen on showering you with gifts on your d-day then ask them to help with your wedding planning. Asking for your friends and family to offer their services one that aligns their talents in lieu of the gifts is an ideal way of sticking to the budget. The timely help received from your friends and family eradicate the need of hiring expensive wedding vendors and make the wedding planning and execution a smooth and hassle free process.

Each and every invitee of to your wedding is blessed with some talent and your wedding provides them the platform to showcase their talent to the world. Some friend of yours might be an amateur photographer who is really good with their work then why not ask them to photograph your wedding as your wedding gift. The asking of wedding help from friends is an economical way of saving on a few bucks on wedding planning.

3. Home Wedding

You have a beautiful house that has the space to hold a crowd then why not make it your wedding venue. Weddings are an expensive affair and booking of the wedding venue costs a major part of wedding budget. The prices of the wedding venues shoot up for the sky especially during the wedding season.

So instead of investing in a wedding venue why not turn your home into a venue and save thousands of bucks. To add oomph to your wedding you can consider opting for DIY décor to adorn your home and make it ready for your big day. The home wedding turns your d-day memorable by making it an intimate and private affair.

4. DIY Catering

The wedding catering consumes a major part of the wedding budget. If you’re tight on a budget and members from your or your partner’s family are good cooks then you can get the food cooked by them. Instead of opting for the high end catering service you can opt for DIY catering which is an economical way and also enables the guests to help themselves to as much food as they want. The DIY style of catering drastically reduces the cost of wedding. Couples looking for wedding caterers in Birmingham will discover a wide range of talented chefs prepared to transform their big day into a culinary extravaganza.

5. Go Minimal With Floral Décor

The timeless beauty and sheer elegance of flowers never seems to fade away which is why flowers are the most sought after wedding décor.  Although real flowers wilt away with time which makes it pointless to invest a hefty amount in floral décor. If your too keen on having a floral décor then you can opt for a minimalist flower decoration paired with balloon or drapes décor. Minimalist floral décor cost less amount of money over all flower décor. If you want your flower decoration to last longer then instead of going for real flowers you can choose artificial ones. Artificial flower décor are a budget friendly décor idea.

6. Buy The Wedding Dresses During Sale

Wedding dress is what creates the transformation of a girl into a swoon worthy bride. Every girl wants to preserve her wedding dress as a memoir of her happy days. A budget wedding cannot stop you from having your dream wedding dress. On a budget you can still on that favourite dress that you had your heart set upon by buying it during the sale. During sales many shops offers heavy discounts on the outfits. Buying your wedding dress during the sales enables you to save on a few extra bucks.

7. Buy Affordable Rings

Exchanging the wedding rings is the first step towards a happily ever after. Wedding rings cost a ton and when on a budget going for an expensive ring is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. So instead of opting for those expensive rings why not opt budget friendly affordable rings, perhaps one of lesser carat value.

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