7 Effective Measures To Curb The Crime Rate

The world today is struggling with different issues, amongst which, criminal offenses make the most important segment. According to the Memphis crime rate, the world is indeed a safer place now than it used to be years ago.

But this is a long road and a lot remains to be traversed, still. Here are the seven most effective measures to reduce the crime rate.

Alcohol Regulation

Banning alcohol is definitely not a solution, but regulatory steps must be taken to ensure absolutely zero abuse. Alcohol steals away the sensibility and boosts aggression, which results in an increased rate of crime, right from road accidents to unintentional assault. To avoid this, higher tax rates can be levied, alcohol outlets can be reduced, and alcohol offenders should be barred from drinking in public places.

Hot-spot Policing

The government has already maintained a body of authorities in the police system who are responsible for maintaining law and order. If the police headquarters are not enough to reduce crime, hot-spot policing can be started. There are major areas of crime in every city. Police booths can be set up around these areas to make sure that no offense happens here.

Community Policing

While it might take an ugly shape if left unregulated, basic crime control can be achieved with community support. Simple violations like gun abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence, and homicide can be reported by the individuals or groups around the affected area. When a community stands against crime, people in that community automatically learn the norms and take the straight path.


Measures could be taken in the education sector by keeping the students in school for a longer age. The minimum legal age to drop out of school should be increased. The right knowledge and moral guidelines should be laid out, in such a way that the students think twice before acting oppositely. Proper job to the needy students should also be provided so that they do not turn towards illegal means.

Monitor Public Surveillance Cameras

The idea of being under surveillance automatically decreases the chance of committing a crime. If any violation is conducted nonetheless, the chances of arresting the offender increases by manifolds. This saves the state charges of setting up a hearing. Being under strict monitoring also instills fear in criminals, thus reducing the crime rate.

Connecting Returning Prisoners to Stable Housing

Statistics prove that the prisoners who are connected to stable housing and community services are 60 percent less likely to return to prison. This is a process of preventing crime by targeting the expected perpetrators and civilizing them. These returning prisoners mostly tend to stay in the community and work for its welfare, instead of committing another crime.

Reducing Provocation

Instead of relying on the authorities, we can also reduce the crime around us by reducing provocations and taking basic safety measures. For example, you can keep all your valuables like smartphones, iPad, jewelry, etc in zippers and locks, to escape theft. Similarly, you can erect your physical safety measures to keep trespassers out. This lack of opportunity is also sure to bring down the crime rates.

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