7 Best Fun Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney is an exceptional city. A city that never sleeps and offers so much. Here, you can bodyboard at Bondi Beach. Explore the Sydney Bridge. Indulge yourself with delicious native dishes and more. It is the city that offers cultural, creative, and heritage experiences that enthrall you. Sydney offers big attractions, like the rocks, the opera house, and Paddy’s Market. However, there are a few small attractions too that will engulf you. For instance, the milk beach or the coal ladder offers unique sights and experiences.

For a first-time visitor to this beautiful city, things can seem confusing. Therefore, here is a list of the best things to do in Sydney. Use these ideas to make an itinerary to enjoy the stay.

Explore the rocks

The oldest area of Sydney, the Rocks, is the first settled neighborhood. There are colonial buildings, the oldest pubs, sandstone churches, and more. The old buildings are now homes, tourist attractions, and businesses. When in Sydney, visit the rocks for:

  • Art museums
  • Street entertainment
  • Delicious food
  • And incredible views of the harbor bridge and opera house.

Enjoy a show at the opera house

Australia is known for its opera house. Fortunately, Sydney has one of the best opera houses you cannot miss. It is a world heritage building and is beautiful. At night, with the illumination, it looks even more beautiful. The opera house is always displaying shows or events. If you don’t want to watch the show, just explore it. Also, there are many places to eat inside that provide delicious meals.

Take a day trip from Sydney

If you have an extra day or two, visit the nearby places. With car hire Sydney, you can visit these places:

Royal National Park: An hour’s drive south of Sydney, it is a must-visit. It is known for its hidden beauty spots. These include Winifred Falls and Eagle Rock.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park: It is a 50-minute car ride north of Sydney. Take the Aboriginal Heritage walk, known for its history and incredible landscape. It has many waterways, perfect for a boating trip.

Kiama: A seaside village, Kiama is 2 hours away from Sydney by car. Enjoy a few hours here exploring the known ice creamery, Kiama. Do visit the Kiama Blowhole. Here, waves spurt out via the crevasse in the cliff. It forms a beautiful, salty fountain.

Palm Beach: Only an hour away, Palm Beach is an ideal beach for having fun. It has a surfing point, coastal views, and incredible weather.

Explore historic Cockatoo Island

Enjoy a ferry service to Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO site. It has photogenic industrial ruins, art installations, and convict architecture. Explore the spooky tunnel in the middle of the island. Here, you can enjoy visiting the remains of an old prison. Many tours are running here, like the convict escape attempts. Pick anyone to explore the beautiful and historic island better.

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

An iconic bridge and one of the only few bridges in the world that’s climbable. The view one gets from the bridge is stunning and exceptional. To enjoy the beauty of the bridge and the view, climb it on foot. Though, you can cycle on the bridge too. Be part of a group of climbers with a leader to enjoy the stunning Sydney symbols.

View Wendy’s secret garden

A secret garden with incredible views of the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge It is part private and part public. The garden is at the foot of known artist Brett Whitley’s Lavender Bay home. Whitiley’s widow planted exotic, native plants and herbs in this garden. There are benches to sit and relax on. Also, retaining paths, walls, and cobbled stairs gives it an interesting look.

Explore the Art Gallery at New South Wales

Love museums? Then explore the art galleries of New South Wales. It pays homage to the modern rear and Greek frontage. The permanent collection of 19th-century European art isn’t the only art. Here you can also explore Australian art by local artists.

Use the 4-5 days you have in Sydney to the best of your abilities. Soak up the sun in a garden overlooking the opera house. Or visit the landmarks of Sydney for a historic experience. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the dishes here and the coffee. The cafes here are cozy, offering a unique experience.

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