7 amazing tips to earn by writing e-books

American writer and author of Gold Mountain, Lisa See quotes “Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” The analogy of reading and writing has always been in comparison if you’re good at one; the second becomes better.

A lot of writers know the potential about e-books, but are reluctant to write one since they are worried about not being successful at it. If you write blogs or have online followers, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to increase your income as people are shifting to reading books online. A survey conducted by Penguin Random House showed that 22% of books purchased are e-books, and 42% purchased overall are done online.

Today, if you have too much free time to spare and are looking to make it productive or have a hobby of writing stories? You don’t need to look any further since you are looking at a chance to earn money or want to pursue a career as a writer. If that is the case, E-books can be life-changing for you as it would guarantee you a steady income and would be a step to help you make it big if you are planning on becoming a writer.

From a modest beginning, e-books are now sold by millions all over the world and have a share of 20% of the U.S publishing market. There is plenty of room available for you to get a share of that market. So here are a few handy tips for you to earn a considerable amount of money by writing e-books.

1. Do complete research before selecting the book topic:

Even though you might have accurate knowledge and expertise in a particular field, you should think about other issues when considering writing an e-book. It is easy to remember that books based on specialty subjects are not searched online frequently hence would be purchased in low quantities compared to books wrote on general topics.

If you want to engage a broad audience, make sure you are writing the content which has a wide enough niche. By finding a way to generalize your content, it will allow more people to purchase your product and guarantee your income for the long term. Many writers get stuck at the research stage and waste a considerable amount of time by going over information on the internet and making no progress with their book.

2. Research the most searched e-books keywords:

An excellent way to start writing your e-book is by searching keywords related to the topic online. Websites such as Google keyword planner, Moz explorer, and more will offer you a list of keywords and phrases that generate the most traffic online.

Placing these keywords in the product description may give your content a higher ranking and attract traffic to it. The higher the ranking, the more chance of your content to be downloaded by people who are actively searching for it online. It is worth noting that people who are satisfied after reading your content will play a pivotal role to market your product. They will likely leave positive reviews which will improve your ranking but will also recommend your book to friends and colleagues who face a similar need.

3. Seek expertise from a graphic designer to design your e-book Cover:

To attract customers to your content, you need to think of an effective way that works for you. For this, you need a marketing strategy. Further, you can save some time and use the best ebook creation software, and generate enough traffic to meet your needs. But while searching for new books to read online, the thing that attracts a person initially is the cover of the book. Dull, blank, or an amateur cover will form an impression on the audience that the content is similar, and you will fail to sell the book. But if your cover is bright and attractive, it will work great for you. It is worth hiring a professional graphic designer to design your front cover as it will help you to market your e-book and if successful, will generate the initial investment in a reasonably short time.

4. Spend time on the title and subtitles of the e-book:

After noticing the cover, the next thing that readers look at is the title of the new book. It is why you need to be extra vigilant when choosing the title of the book. You need to spend extra time so that your title and subtitles are catchy and engaging enough to attract new readers to it. Remember, that the content should be good enough to validate the cover; otherwise, it will leave a wrong impression on the reader.

While writing the title, keep it short and straightforward. You can elaborate it further if needed using subtitles but avoid complicating it further. Test them by asking your colleagues or professionals who are not afraid to hurt your feelings as they will help you by giving helpful advice to improve your content. You can also use a character counter online tool that can help you keep track of the characters and words you use. It is better to spend time on your title rather than wondering why no one is downloading your e-book.

5. Write a description that sells:

The next step after writing the title is to write a good narrative. If you are successful, you will offer a complete package to the customer, why your book is good enough for them as it would have the perfect cover to go with the content and the title. Although readers are drawn in by this point, a suitable description would do the trick for those readers who are still skeptical about your book. Sellers are often too excited at this point when completing the book that they overlook this critical step when publishing it online.

6. When selling online, give them away for free:

When releasing the e-book, keep the initial price at $0 for a few days. Although it would not give you any profit but will generate a massive audience along with proper reviews since people love free stuff online. The next price should be around $3, which will decrease your traffic but will keep it a level where you can get considerate profits.

7. Market your e-book on Social Media:

Some groups and sites publish a list of free e-books from around the web. As soon as your book is published, you should send an email to notify these sites so that they can update their data. Every place that has a link to your book generates a broader audience to your content. You should also consider promoting your content on Facebook since you can get in touch with various groups that follow your content. If people like your content, they will likely follow you for more content.

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