6 Ways to Save Water At Home

When it comes to preservation of life, then both water and air are marked as one of the vial elements.

So, here we are going to discuss 6 ways as to how to save water at home. Water shortage has become a critically important issue these days.

A large number of countries will sooner face this problem in no less time. It is high time not to waste water and save it as much as you can.

Furthermore, water is a finite commodity. If you are not going to manage it properly, then this commodity will eventually result in shortages.

Follow these ways and move on the water conservation path. Rest to know about HouseWaterMatters, stay tuned with us.

  1. Avoid Leaving the Tap Running

Most importantly, you have to make sure that your tap does not remain turned on if not in use.

Avoid leaving your tap to keep on running if it is not used by you. Furthermore, if you are done washing your fruits and vegetables, then immediately shut off the tap water.

You need to understand that a running tap pumps out approximately and in between 6 and 12 liters of water with every passed out minute.

What you can do is to fill up the sink. Or you can even fill up a washing bowl with some water.

Then wash your veggies and fruits with that water. And you can sprinkle the left over water on your garden.

  1. Prefer to Steam Vegetables & Avoid Boiling Them

In addition to, other way to save water at home, it is by steaming vegetables rather than boiling them up.

By doing so, you will be able to save enough amount of water. Most noteworthy, upon steaming the vegetables, you will be able to retain the nutrients of your food.

On the other hand, boiling takes out vital nutrients from your veggies. Hence, make it a habit to steam your vegetables and we are sure you will like the taste of steamed veggies too.

  1. Prefer to Use Small Flush Button

Some people are in the habit to use large flush button only. This habit waste much amount of water. It is recommended and suggested to avoid automatically using the large flush option.

Instead, you can make use of the small flush option whenever you think it is suitable and appropriate.

Moreover, you can fit and set up a water displacement device right in the cistern section of your older toilets. This kind of setting reduces water use.

  1. Use the dishwasher & Avoid Washing up by hand

Besides, you should start to wash your kitchen utensils in a dishwasher. Avoid to wash them up by hand. This is a useful advice from our side.

It is observed that a fully-loaded and modern looking dishwasher consume less water as compared to the routine of washing up your kitchen utensils in the sink.

Try this routine for once and share your feedback. We are sure that you will notice less water consumption from your side.

  1. Regularly Check for Leaks

If you are really concerned about this fact as to how to save water, then take the initiative of regularly checking leaks in your home.

Check washing machine hoses and dishwasher hoses in order to verify whether there are any leaks in them or not. If they have any leaks, then get them repaired and fixed as soon as possible.

This same kind of practice and regular checking should be applied on the dripping taps. It is studied that a dripping tap can waste almost 9 to 10 liters of water in a single day.

  1. Shorten Your Shower Time

Lastly, shorten your shower time as much as you can. Avoid staying under the shower for a long time.

It is recommended to take a 4-minute shower and not longer than that! Lots of people remain under the shower for 20 to 30 minutes.

This is such a damaging situation! Taking long showers will only waste water and increase your water bill cost.

So, cut down your shower time and be the part of water conservation race. By doing so, you can easily save water and reduce your water bill cost too.


These are the top 6 ways with respect to saving water at home. You can let us know and do share with us how you save and conserve water.

Pen down to us your thoughts and let other people aware as well that how much water conservation is important.

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