6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety this Fall

There is an aura of change that comes with the fall season, whether that’s because of the changing leaves or the slow temperature drops — so it’s natural that we often connect this season with transition. Often as the season’s change, we find ourselves facing higher levels of anxiety. Anxiety often comes to us in one way or another — we might be anxious about our relationships or suffer from financial stress.

Let’s break down six of the simplest ways to reduce anxiety this fall season.

Managing Your Finances

Creating a budget is one of the simplest and easily achievable steps you can take to reduce your anxiety— budgets allow you to pour over your expenses and weigh them against your current income.

An easy way to approach your budget is by transferring all of your data onto one of the many budgeting apps available. This is a tool you can take with you wherever you have access to your mobile device. Before the popularity of apps, instant payday loans from GoDay and other similar lenders were often the choice for those with irregular cash shortages.

While they offered convenience and quick cash, the availability of budget apps now allow users to tackle their high-interest debts on their own, with the flexibility to worry about their low-interest payments at a later date.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Neglecting sleep or falling into bad habits is a leading contributor to a drop in our overall mental health. Sleep hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene — when we prioritize sleep, we allow our vitals to become rested and restored, so we have enough energy to tackle our days.

A routine is going to be your best friend, as it will regulate your patterns and keep your body from oversleeping which can increase your risk of physical health issues such as diabetes and cognitive memory issues. Additionally, keeping your room free of screens and in a cooler, dark environment will often help calm down your mind and help you achieve a deeper sleep.

Watch What You Eat

The foods we put in our bodies also have an effect on our minds, in addition to our bodies. The main culprits to avoid are caffeine — a leading contributor to anxiety or panic attacks — and processed foods, which often have added sugars and fats.

Instead, swap out these items for leafy greens or healthy fats and proteins — including eggs, nuts, and avocados. Keeping your physical health in check is a key contributor to sound mental health.

Practice Mindfulness

Rather than getting anxious for being anxious, simply practicing mindfulness is a simple way to reduce stress. Mindfulness is paying close attention to the little things in your daily life — likely the things that are often taken for granted. Whether you choose to practice meditation, pick up a paintbrush, journal your thoughts, or simply commit to spending more time outdoors, as long as you are calming your mind and practicing regularly, you’ll see measurable results.

Releasing Endorphins

Exercise is a natural way to reduce anxiety, while simultaneously taking care of your physical health. Exercising releases endorphins and natural chemicals into the brain — resulting in decreased risks of additional psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular problems.

Moving your body lowers muscle tension and your body’s desire to feel anxious. Whether it’s through running, dancing, cycling, or any number of available activities, exercise is one of the most accessible routes to easing anxiety.

Talk It Out

Communicating your feelings can help break down any perceived stigmas and connect with your support system. Therapy is more talked about in mainstream culture than ever before, and for good reason.

While it’s incredibly helpful to have friends or family to discuss your anxiety with, seeking out professional counseling can help isolate the route of the problem and offer additional tips to managing your anxiety. Even for those who can’t afford the traditional therapy session, there are alternative resources available — taking these steps means you’re investing in your present and your future self.

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