6 Tips to Write a Perfect Essay

Somebody jumps at the chance to take care of complex scientific issues, somebody wants to dive into remote lexicons, somebody is wild about material science, and somebody prefers composing essays. By the way, the last activity requires not only a logical approach but also a creative mindset, the ability to express one’s opinion and to uphold a personal point of view in writing. Sometimes, even very often, writing an essay is a difficult process for students, in which case the essay writing service https://essayshark.com/ can be a way out of the situation where professionals will help you get an excellent mark for your academic paper. However, you should not think that to write a good text you need to be a professional writer. If you remember the correct structure for building an essay, you can quickly put yourself together and write a masterpiece, luckily our article will help you with this!

  1. Do Not Pursue Literacy.

Imagine, for the text without a single mistake you will be given only 15-20 points out of 100. All other points are awarded for a logical and structured presentation of thoughts. Try not to be afraid to make a mistake! Attempt to create a point by point answer as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances.

  1. Logic is your Everything!

lf you began to contend an idea, then don’t jump on another subject. Your bright start must necessarily have a logical end.

  1. Artistic Means are Good at Fiction!

Your goal is to write a capacious essay that does not always need a large number of personifications or oxymorons. Introductory words, an abundance of artistic means, folk wisdom – all this is good in moderation. Abusing this, you can never bring the idea to the end.

  1. Show your Essay to other People.

Read the resulting work to your friends, parents, relatives. Everyone will happily agree to help you and share tips. By the way, if you still have doubts about the quality of work from the writing service, then you can read essayshark.com reviews and make sure that customers are always satisfied. The feedback is always reassuring, so you will undoubtedly feel more confident in the ability to write academic papers after you are critically evaluated by friends and family.

  1. Memorize the Ideal Essay Formula

Ideal Essay= Thesis + Argument + Example + Conclusion

Be sure to understand what each component of our formula means. We will try to describe the components as accurately as possible, giving information about how many points each of them can bring in the assessment process.

  1. Thesis.

Having correctly formulated your thought at the beginning of the essay, you will already earn a few points. Mandatory conditions for the thesis are conciseness (try to write your idea in one sentence); strict adherence to the topic (the thesis is appropriate in this case); correct wording (the thesis needs further arguments).

  1. Argument.

For each argument, you can earn points. There should be between 2 to 4 arguments in an essay of normal sizes. They must be capacious and appropriate, as well as: similar to each other, not contradicting the thesis, but confirming it; suggest the development of thought, further colorful examples; talk about your erudition (arguments-statements of famous people, historical situations, etc.).

III. Example.

For each deployed example, you can also get the coveted points. Like arguments, there are from 2 to 4 in a regular-size essay. You can get about 10 points for this component, but it is important to remember that: you need to give examples from literary works or various types of art; it is important to choose the appropriate life examples or vivid socio-historical.

  1. Conclusion.

Always at least 10 points are given for the logical conclusion you came to, thanks to arguments and examples. The end of the essay should: correspond to the thesis; be concise, clear and undeniable, depending on your arguments.

  1. Logic and Consistency.

If all the points were presented in the correct order, one after another, consistently and logically expressed the main idea, then for this the student may have a few more points. For a well-composed essay that fully complies with all the requirements, you will receive 80-85 points. The remaining points are allotted for stylistic and lexical literacy, correct spelling and punctuation, but this is a completely different story!

  1. Start Writing.

Do not delay writing the essay “for later”, you run the risk of not having time to send it on time. There is nothing wrong with creating an essay from scratch, gradually new ideas will come to your mind, and you can improve your work to make it more attractive to the reader.

How to learn to write perfect essays? For students, there are a huge number of collections of the best essays, the authors of which study in top educational institutions. The best way to learn how to write essays and other essays is to practice more, to constantly write essays. The invaluable help will be provided by the recommendation of a competent teacher who will be able to point out shortcomings to you and work with you to achieve the goal. By correctly constructing your essay, you can minimize the number of gross stylistic and lexical errors. Well, spelling literacy is a merit of your perseverance and excellent knowledge of the school curriculum. Practice expressing your thoughts in different forms! Inspire by the rhetorical performances of famous people! Be an erudite person who is open to everything new, and you will certainly succeed in writing a great essay.

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