6 Tips on Hiring Software Development Talents

Hiring talented software developers is challenging for all the parties included in the process. Even though it seems easy to do, the process may take a few weeks to complete. There are a few phases, and everything comes with some perks but also advantages.

Many companies struggle to appropriately hire network talent who will exceptionally fit their company culture. But sometimes, we must go above and beyond the usual recruitment and hiring options. For example, talent networks are a great way to choose your industry and reach out to great candidates. Also, you can use social media and communities to look for the right person for your position.

But how to make sure they will fit great in your company? Here are some tips:

1. List all the Skills and Job Requirements

When you invite someone to apply for a position, you have to provide a complete job description and a list of required skills. That way, the candidate will accept or decline your invitation, depending on their current experience and expertise.

That way, you don’t invest time in candidates who won’t fit. Also, you don’t spend someone else’s time on interviews and meetings just to find out they won’t fill the needs.

This way, you can filter out the good and great software developers and see who will perform better on the technical part of the recruitment. As long as you are transparent, you have more chances to attract the right people to apply for your position.

Additionally, we suggest not missing the referral programs. Or, you can even spread the word and get direct recommendations from people you trust.

2. Research The Market

This is an important step, so make sure you have it all in your hands. Sometimes, we need to spend more time on social media or job platforms until we find the right people.

You may even try using AI-powered services, but they will match you only with top-rated software developers. Don’t hold onto them because many great people will deliver exceptional jobs.

Don’t ignore any potential talent resource. As we said, even spreading the word can result in better prospects than dedicated hiring services.

3. Check on the Candidate’s Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is crucial to filter the candidates. If you need to hire java engineer, then test their Java skills. It’s the same for any other programming language, library, framework, or development tool.

You need more than qualifications and CVs to determine if someone is the right fit for your position. The competition on the market is excellent, and many exceptional software developers are looking for great job options.

Less experience doesn’t mean less expertise. Sometimes, you can get exceptional performance from someone who just started their journey as a software developer. You can give them technical skills tests. If you need a Java developer, go for Java tests. Also, if you need to hire dedicated node.js developer, then test how they understand the environment. It’s the same about any platform, so don’t underestimate the technical expertise of the less experienced candidates.

4. Ask Them to Solve Real Problems

Tests can be confusing, but if you give the candidate a real problem, they will show their real knowledge. Hypothetical issues won’t help, just like they didn’t help us at school previously.

When working on real problems, everyone is focused on a practical solution. Theoretical solutions may work too, but practical ones save time and money. Ask them how to fix the problem, not for possible solutions.

This way, employers can estimate the expertise and skills and hire the right candidate for the position.

5. Accept Their Suggestions on How to Improve the Performance

Sometimes, candidates offer a lot more than we ask from them. If you are focused on one programming language, but they offer a more optimal solution in another language, hear them out.

Maybe these people know how to think outside of the box and provide creative and practical solutions. A person like that is precious and great to have on your team.

Being open-minded helps you find people who think the same. It’s easier to train those who want to fix things. Give these people a chance, even though it seems they don’t have the needed experience for your position.

6. The Importance of Soft Skills

Soft skills are something every professional should provide. Soft skills are essential regardless of whether you are looking for a remote software developer or if you enhance the in-house team. When you combine them with expertise, you are getting the right candidates that deserve an interview.

Indeed, it’s important to hear all of them out, but pay close attention to their communication skills, responsiveness, emotional reactions, and working under pressure.

Additionally, check if they meet the deadlines and come on time for the meetings. As you interview the candidate, you can estimate if they are coachable. Try to give them honest feedback and see how they deal with it.

Developers sometimes need to have a “thick skin” to accept the criticism and fix ongoing issues. If they are coachable, you can easily create a perfect candidate from them.

If they aren’t coachable, maybe that won’t be an issue in the first months or even a year. But sometimes, improvement and growth are required to stay competitive in the market. And you don’t really need people who will push you back every time you try to step out of your comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

Software development talents are all around you. You have so many resources and network talent solutions. Finding the right person for the position won’t be an issue for you.

The real challenge comes when you need to estimate their skills and expertise. We are sure our detailed tips will help you run a smooth recruitment process as you test how your candidates resolve real-world issues.

Finally, when every step is done, you can say you have found the right person to give a chance. Who knows, maybe they will become a long-term member of your team and accomplish great results with you.

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