6 Steps to Starting a Car Detailing Company

Cars are a sensitive subject in our society and, for many car owners, this is because their personal car is an extension of their personality and stage in life. Toward this end, while most individuals are content with occasional car washings, many car owners who care deeply about their cars will opt to pay for regular car detailing services. If you are starting a car detailing company, you will be challenged and encouraged by the number of potential customers who care about their cars and are seeking specific detailing services. Let’s get started on your business plans.

1. Build Your Credentials

In the car detailing industry, it is almost a mandate that you’ll be very experienced and know exactly what you’re doing before you’ll touch someone’s car. In order to build your credentials, it will be wise to detail the cars of friends and family members, obtain recommendations and use those to show interested buyers. When your company grows, you’ll be able to obtain more referrals and, as time goes on, you won’t need referrals from anyone; word-of-mouth advertising will spread the word. In the meantime, use your initial detailing images and quotes to start building your credentials.

2. Consider Your Target Audience

Your target audience will be those searching for an experienced car detailer. Potential customers may want someone who will provide mobile detailing (driving the car puts miles on the odometer; some cars do not leave the garage). Other potential customers will ask a car detailer to go to their office location and detail a car during work hours.

Your target audience will want cars to be detailed in shaded areas or indoors (car cleaners, wax or other applications can damage paint if applied in hot sun) and will have specific preferences for the products used on and in the cars. Also, any items used to dry or wipe the car will need to be discussed, as damage can also occur if certain materials are used on the car. If possible, determine the preferences of your target audience and have those items and materials stocked for use.

3. Research Your Competitors

Learn as much as possible about your competitors and any special offers or packages they give to loyal customers. Determine the pricing models and any unique services offered. Your goal in doing this is to overcome the competitors in your area and win the customers from competitors. Do not engage in any pricing competitions that are a “race to the bottom,” as this tactic will not serve you or your competitors well.

4. Make a business plan

Your car detailing business plan will include every major element of your business which is important for growth of your car detailing agency. A business plan should be higlighting the service you are providing as well as details like, financial desisions, a basic plan for operations as well as marketing strategies to ensure sales or any other details that will prove to be useful during this stage. Also, as a car detailing company, you’ll want to ensure you and your staff members are fully insured against any claim that a customer or other party may place on your business. If have not made a plan for tour business, use this car detailing business plan for inspiration. Once your plan is complete, it will undergo a periodic inspection to make sure it is successful even when the business is growing. Added to this, the business plan also acts as an instrument that can be used to get financing from diffrent parties, for example, banks or investors.

5. Detail your Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies need to be primarily visual for the target audience of your car detailing company. Create marketing pieces that offer clear images of beautiful new, exotic, and collectible cars in “before” and “after” detailing photos. Use expensive vehicles as the showcase of your car detailing company.

Distribute marketing pieces at car shows, trade shows for automobiles, and other events where exotic cars, custom cars, or collectible cars are featured. Create a website and fill it with images of beautifully-detailed cars. Offer specials or packages for loyal customers and create an “introduction package” for new customers to incentivise return visits. Most of the marketing efforts made will be in-person, as car owners will want to meet with you or your staff members before trusting a vehicle to your detailing company.

6. Calculate Startup Costs and Secure Funding

Given the risk involved in a new business venture, it’s important to estimate the costs of starting and operating a car detailing company. Having an accurate picture of expected expenses can help determine if you’ll need additional funding or a business loan.

Use each of these steps to start your car detailing company that is positioned for growth; we wish you every success!





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