6 Reasons You Need To Switch To A Building Management System ASAP

If you have a commercial real estate property, you’ll know how tough it is to manage them. It is widely believed that maintenance costs take up about 1 to 4% of the property’s value.

Whether you rent just one or multiple properties, a building management system (BMS) can be incredibly useful.

If you’re still unsure whether to install BMS software in the houses or commercial spaces you have rented, then keep reading this article!

1. You get to see the full picture

When you install the building management system on your property, you get an idea of how the entire place functions. So there’s no chance of missing out on any leaks, repairs, or replacements.

Moreover, this software provides you with clear and legible data that you can easily read instead of triggering unnecessary alarms or storing metadata.

Since the data you’ll receive is all in real-time, you can detect and solve any problems immediately, such as the water cooler system breaking down or the temperature regulation malfunctioning.

2. You get fast payments

Another big advantage for both you and your tenants is receiving rental payments through digital platforms.

And BMS software equipped with auto-deduction of rent will let you do just that. It will simplify the entire payment process and make sure that no tenant misses out on paying rent on time.

If a tenant gets the option to pay their rent online, it will reduce the need to meet them, receive the payment, and then visit your bank to deposit the money.

Even though many don’t like the concept of automatic deduction, most people prefer it to conventional payment methods.

3. You see simplified reports

Many building management system companies often enhance their systems by providing a tailor-made report option to the landlord.

This means that the report generated on your property will be customized per your requirements. It will also enhance building operations and produce results that demonstrate efficiency goals.

If there are any underlying problems in any area, the report will show you that and also tell you what the optimum levels should be.

You can even generate a quick report on demand or set the report at regular intervals, say every month, to keep yourself updated.

4. You can schedule property inspections

A property inspection, though important, is extremely time-consuming. In many cases, they also require a ton of money that landowners will have to pay, especially if the inspector sees that you don’t have the required reports.

But if you have installed a building management system, you can take out reports in time and read them carefully.

So when the inspector thoroughly checks the area, you can produce the reports and save yourself both time and expenses.

Alternatively, if the BMS software triggers an alarm, you’ll know it’s time to call the property inspector.

5. You can streamline control systems

If your building has an interconnected network, you can easily streamline necessary areas and make your work more efficient. This will also help the software get various kinds of data from all the systems uninterruptedly.

Some of the areas where you can streamline control systems are indoor air quality sensors, occupancy sensors, water and power meters, gas meters, and HVAC controls.

Combining these sensors with a proper analytics platform can trigger alarms at the right time and prevent future inefficiencies.

6. You can use energy more efficiently

In today’s world, power consumption has become a major issue. Therefore, the world needs people who can reduce the amount of power consumed and renew energy resources.

A good building management system will supply the data analytics that will let you know exactly how much power to consume for each inlet and outlet to prevent users from wasting too much electricity, resources, or money.

BMS can track your energy consumption, identify valve leakage, and provide valuable airside analytics regarding air control units and HVAC systems.

Over to you…

So, dear reader, these are just a few of the many different advantages of installing a good building management system on your property. So don’t wait any further; go and talk to your local BMS software company today!

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