6 Reasons Why Parenthood Demands Sound Financial Life


Parents have a hard job of raising kids. If you have children, then you should understand why this statement is true. Society naturally expects any dad or mom to take care of their kids. If you’re a parent and you are not able to provide for your kid’s basic needs, then the state or community has a right to remove your kids from your home.

Providing financial support for your children is more than just a social expectation – it is a natural instinct that all parents should have. Here are 6 reasons why parenthood demands a sound financial life. Each of these reasons helps you to understand why financial stability is important to the development of children.

  1. Having a Job will Help Parents to Meet Legal Requirements for Raising a Child

You already know that you are legally responsible for supplying their kids needs. Each state has parental responsibility laws that expect parents to provide for the material, emotional, developmental and educational parts of a child’s life. Moms and dads also have to provide a child’s health care needs and make sure they have food.

If you don’t perform these actions then you are not looking out for the best interest of your kids. Having a job is extremely important for any parent. It will be more difficult for you to support your child when you don’t have an income. So, to help you meet the legal requirements of child-rearing you should have a job.

  1. Parents have to Provide Food for their Kids Otherwise this is a Form of Neglect

Another reason why you must have financial stability has to do with feeding your kids. Parents who cannot afford to feed their kids will shortchange them. Family Law states that a mom and dad must be able to give their kids food. Otherwise, this can count as a form of abuse or neglect. Seriously, you should want to feed your kids.

This is something that no good parent can deny. Without food, kids will not function properly or live the best life possible. Even if you are not able to work and create a stable environment, you should at least get food from a pantry or from a free meal organization. This will keep your kids from going hungry.

  1. Financial Stability is Also Important for a Child’s Health

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues that you will have to deal with when raising a child. Children require lots of medical attention and care. They will get sick. They will scrape their knees, they will need immunization shots and they might develop (or be born with) health conditions. Most parents will not be able to pay out of pocket for health care unless they are wealthy.

However, you should make enough money to purchase medical insurance for their children. Buying medical insurance will help you to give your kids what they need medically, and it will help to keep healthcare costs under control. Moms and dads, you should have a job to pay for healthcare and medical insurance.

  1. Parents must have Financial Security for Housing

You must be able to provide your children with adequate housing. If you cannot provide adequate housing, then they are putting your children and you in a bad situation. Housing is the most expensive thing that you will have to pay for when raining a kid. However, your own home provides stability and it will keep your family together.

When people do not have their own shelter, they are forced to live with others. They also might have to split apart or live in a homeless shelter. This can cause so many problems for so many people. This is why you must work hard and have the financial security to pay your rent or mortgage.

  1. Parents are Financially Responsible for their Child’s Education

A parent cannot neglect their child’s education. If you do, you are setting that young person up for failure. Getting an education is important when you raise a child. While taxes pay the cost for public school education, you still must provide your children with the things they need for school. You will have to provide their kids with clothing, shoes, supplies, equipment and books. You might also be required to provide tutoring when your child struggles with learning. Putting a child in a private school is a good idea.

Just keep in mind that this will cost more money. There are even fees that you might be obligated to pay when you send your kids to school. Any child that wants to attend college, might want their parents to help cover the cost. Ultimately, your job will help you to provide a good education for your kids.

  1. Parents Should Provide Their Kids with a Decent Living Environment

Parents should also provide their kids with a clean and decent living environment. You should be employed so they can afford to purchase products to clean your home. Your home should be furnished. Beds, couches, chairs and other home furnishings are important for maintaining a decent environment.

Dads, you should make sure your kids have their own beds. Moms, you should make sure your household has enough money for washing clothes and providing kids with water and electricity. Ultimately, you are responsible for keeping your living environment clean and comfortable for your kids. This is another part of your financial obligation.

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