6 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring One

Handling injuries is difficult because of the emotional, psychological, and physical damage. If the damage resulted from the negligence or breach of duty of another, an injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining the maximum compensation possible. You must do this since most victims are traumatized and can’t think properly about the next logical step. They can also help you gather statements, evidence, and witnesses.

Getting a skilled injury attorney to help and represent you in a court trial might be difficult because most general practitioners lack the skills to handle problems like this. They can only help in certain situations. Hire a reliable lawyer from a reputable firm, like  Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal. Make sure they have the experience and skills to handle a wide range of injury cases.

Avoid filing the claim yourself as you may undercharge or underestimate the damage. So, go over some questions to ask before hiring one.  This is vital because you’ll need to become very close to your lawyer during the trial. Such queries include the following:

Can You Handle My Case?

It’s important to know whether your chosen injury lawyer is comfortable and has time to handle your case.

You want to be sure the lawyer will take your case. Make sure they have enough resources, including time, to handle it. Your case may not get adequate attention if your attorney is handling too many cases at the same time.

Moreover, certain lawyers are general practitioners who handle various cases, including personal injury. Such cases may include medical malpractice and pharmaceutical company cases.

A personal injury lawyer will be well aware of any significant change in the law. Expertise in this specific area of law is required to properly comprehend the subject, practice at the highest level, and achieve the best outcomes for their clients.

Who Will Actually Handle My Case?

Even if you like the lawyer right away, you must ask this critical question. Find out if the lawyer will work on your case or pass it on to someone else. In many circumstances, it’ll work in your favor as you’ll be assigned to the individual with the most relevant experience and knowledge. Moreover, it’s fine to have multiple lawyers on the case, handling various areas. The senior lawyer may delegate ordinary tasks to junior lawyers, thus, also examine the team’s dynamics.

What Fees Do You Charge?

Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if they win their clients’ cases. However, some attorneys seek upfront lawsuit fees. Ask your lawyer about their firm’s particular approach to case expenses so you’ll know what to expect.

Contingency fees are calculated by various percentages, which vary depending on your location, and the firm’s size and reputation. The costs might range from 20% to 50%, although the average is 33-40%.

Before hiring an attorney, thoroughly read your retainer documents. Also, be wary of law firms that offer ‘low-cost’ services. In most cases, you get what you pay for.

How Do You Address Client Disagreements?

Some lawyers may pressure you into accepting a settlement even though it’s not fair or sufficient. However, if you disagree with an attorney’s opinion and refuse to accept a settlement, some practitioners will withdraw from your case. Be sure your lawyer will respect your objectives before hiring them.

Do I Have A Strong Case?

Ask the lawyer about your case.  You want to know if the personal injury lawyer thinks your case is strong. Utilize the lawyer’s experience and neutrality.

You want a lawyer that’s both hopeful and realistic about your case. The greatest lawyers will tell you the truth, not simply what you want to hear.

This question is vital because it sets the expectation. You’ll know whether or not to pursue the matter. You’ll also have a better idea of the possibilities and expected compensation.

Are You Prepared For Court Hearing?

This vital question is frequently ignored. If you hire a lawyer who only settles and never goes to trial, you can bet you won’t get the amount you deserve. Your lawyer should be ready to go to court and not rush to close your case. In their eagerness to collect their contingency fee, lawyers may shortchange their clients.


Time is of the essence when you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer who can best handle your case. Never make the mistake of hiring the first advocate you come across with sans the needed research you have to carry out.

Contact an expert personal injury lawyer today to learn how an attorney can help you recover medical expenses, lost income, and other costs related to your recovery.

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