6 Major Causes of Nail Fungus that you should Take Care Of

Nail fungus is a commonly found infection that starts as a yellowish or white spot beneath the tip of the toenail or fingernail. With the deepening of the fungal infection, the nail fungus can lead to discoloration of your toenail making it thick and decaying towards the edge.

Many nails at once can be affected by this infection. If the condition you are suffering from is not so intense and you are not bothered about it, there might be no need for you to undergo treatment for the same. If the nail fungus causes pain apart from causing the nails to become thick, there are many easy to avail medications and steps that might help. However, even after successful treatment, one can find nail fungus to reappear. Here are 6 major causes that can cause toenail fungus to happen:

1. Nail polish

Girls love to wear nail polish as it makes their toenails and fingernails look pretty but it is a major cause of toenail fungus. Dark coloured nail polish blocks light and as a result, a conducive environment is created which leads to the growth of fungus. So, it is always advised for the ladies to leave their toenails unpolished once in a while.

2. Wearing boots

If you want to prevent risks of toenail fungal infection, you must try changing the pair of work shoes or boots at regular intervals. You should also try changing your socks as frequently as possible to keep your toes dry.

3. Tight shoes

Those who wear very tight shoes particularly the ones that are very narrow towards the toe box can lead your toenails to go through trauma which can also cause your toenails to become weak.

4. Untrimmed nail

Those with very long toenails frequently have the problem of Nail Fungus. If left untrimmed, these nails become home to different fungi and as a result, a fungal infection can take place. One should never keep very long toenails and even if they do, they should trim it more often to avoid the accumulation of dirt and germs.

5. Sharing socks & shoes

Fungal infection can be easily transmitted at times and that is why one should never share their shoes or socks with any other person as it might get transmitted through the shoes and socks that one borrows from someone else.

6. Infected pedicure tools

If someone is going for a pedicure or manicure, they should always keep a check on the pedicure tools that are being used. You should make sure that the salon you are into makes use of properly sterilized tools so that you don’t get infected by those tools.

What is the best cure for a toenail fungus?

There are a lot of products that are easily available in our homes as they are made for everyday use. These products are very effective in the destruction of a toenail fungus. These items include lemon juice, oregano oil, tea tree oil, and many other things. The most effective thing is Apple cider vinegar and one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus. If you are not willing to spend a big amount for the treatment of a toenail fungus, you can choose these easy to avail items of daily use.

So, mentioned above are 6 major causes of toenail fungus that must be taken care of. Some very effective measures to cure a toenail fungus are also discussed in this post above. You should keep these things in mind for the prevention of toenail fungus.

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