6 App Store Marketing Strategies That No Entrepreneur Should Miss

With over 1,000 app submissions every day, getting your app recognized is a dream come true for every business venture. From rigorous data algorithms to effective marketing strategies, most entrepreneurs rely on app stores to stabilize their industry presence. Whether Android or Apple, app owners put their life into their apps to just reach top recommendations. And most of these tactics often land flat on the face.

Why, you ask? Due to global participation and cut-throat competition, today’s app market has become a fierce business land. Lots of companies spend thousands, if not millions of dollars, on different marketing models to increase their downloads and user growth. And the majority of the startups entering today feel hesitant to put down such an expense to streamline their enterprise. So, what choice do they have?

Interestingly, expert devops consulting companies lay out some crucial points to achieve far more noticeable results than your peers. Here are the top app store marketing strategies that every entrepreneur should know.

Ways To Promote Your App On Play Store

-Prepare for the big league

Many emerging startups manage to steal the spotlight and benefit simply by following Android and iTunes guidelines. Make sure you adhere to all regulations. From applying for the beta version to putting its credentials online, put up legitimate information and boast only what’s true.

-Unique name

Once your app’s name gets into the market, it would be impossible to change its name. That’s why you should find a good name beforehand. You can use various search engines and rely on the latest keyword results that reflect your industry or services. Make sure you avoid plagiarism and aim to be simple and easy to refer to.

-High loading speed

By adopting streamlined UIs, various apps can open much faster than others and take less loading time in significant devices. Furthermore, every app owner should also explore back end testing and regular maintenance that results in better loading time and increases its usability and referral rates.

-User Loyalty

Encouraging public reviews, both in quality and quantity, is a go-go for every app owner. By introducing push notifications, companies can take an impression from the existing users. Additionally, certain app store optimization features such as regular filters of positive & negative and processing ratings from authentic customers also enhance an app’s credibility and help it rank higher in the Play Store.

-Targeting Attributes

Correct attributes such as a simple user interface and clear description are two of the most crucial parts of launching an app online. Besides, every app owner can also benefit from narrowing down to attractive icons and leveraging inside analytics. Such metrics allow firm owners to enjoy better productivity over any period and achieve better download rates and higher ROIs.


With over 6 million mobile apps online, the app store is an already “Crowded” sector. And to introduce your services while making a niche for your brand, every business needs to adopt flexible and agile app store optimization services. Such services help companies build a selective portfolio of services and app functions that generate higher conversion rates for the enterprise.

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