5 Ways You Can Customize Your Jeep 4×4

Jeeps are among the most popular vehicles for off-roaders and tourists, and the Wrangler 4×4 is the choice among enthusiasts. As popular as the Jeep is, owners may want to customize its appearance to show off their personality and style. While there are several modifications you can make through color selection and interior choices, true customization comes from swapping out standard components for specialty items. Aside from all terrain tires and rims, there are at least five fundamental ways to customize your Jeep 4×4.

1. Bumper

While a standard Jeep comes with pre-installed bumpers and guard rails, the quality is not the greatest, especially if you want to take your vehicle off-roading. Sure, the components may stand up to the trails for a little while, but after a fair bit of use, you will see degradation. Instead, consider searching for an alternative bumper and guards from reputable manufacturers, like Smittybilt Jeep parts. If you plan on doing a significant bit of off-roading, then look into entry guards to protect and preserve the doors.

2. Hood Latch

If you have any experience driving a 4×4, you have likely noticed that the hoods often shift around quite a lot. While the hood may stay in place initially, any amount of off-road driving will cause metal clanging and hood shifting. While a minor issue, hood movement can become a nuisance to finicky drivers. The best way to restrict this movement is to purchase a hood latch. The latch secures the hood to the body, reducing movement, noise and any fear that it may fall off.

3. Lift Kit

lift kits for Jeeps

are popular choices for the rugged traveler because they improve the vehicle’s ability to navigate obstacles and objects of various sizes. A driver may also appreciate the higher vantage point that a kit allows. However, know that a kit will also affect other areas of performance. A kit increases the difficulty of driving and maneuvering the Jeep, but depending on how high you raise your Jeep, any concerns are likely unnecessary.

4. LEDs

The standard lighting system of the Jeep is satisfactory for most owners, and it is better than most other vehicles. However, if you plan on trail riding at night, improve your visibility with an LED upgrade. LED light kits provide a significant boost to your lighting profile without taking too much more juice from your existing battery, if hard-wired. LED lamps are often brighter and more efficient than traditional systems, and they add a unique look to your 4×4.

5. Top

Hard or soft? The standard question at a taco stand and a Jeep dealership. There are advantages to each choice. A hard shell improves the safety of your vehicle, and the soft top makes the Jeep more versatile. The decision often comes down to your driving style. For those who like to tour and feel the wind in their hair, a soft cap is ideal, but those who prefer racing through rugged terrain, the hardtop is likely the best choice.

Jeep 4x4s are among the few vehicles suited for off-roading and touring. Whichever category you fall into, customization is an excellent way to show off your personality. Check out a local Jeep supplier to find the elements that work for your style.

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