5 ways to surprise your partner on your anniversary

Whether it’s your 50th year as a couple or your 1st, anniversaries offer an opportunity to celebrate the time you’ve spent together and look forward to the future. But how do you commemorate them? While it may be easy to opt for jewellery or a box of chocolates, perhaps this is the year to get a bit more creative…

Renewing your vows is one romantic option – though research published by the Office for National Statistics shows the number of opposite-sex couples getting married is at an all-time low.

Whatever your arrangement, find five other fun ways to surprise your partner on your anniversary below.

Plan a weekend getaway

When we’re caught up in hectic modern life sometimes all we need is to be whisked away. While international travel may be limited right now, is there a place nearby that holds special meaning for you both? Or perhaps an area your partner has always wanted to visit.

Book accommodation and enjoy a break from your routines. You could keep the destination a secret until you arrive.

Throw a surprise party

Has it been a while since you both saw your loved ones? Throwing a surprise party could help everyone reconnect while celebrating your relationship as a group. Make sure to turn your home into a party venue with banners, bunting and fun balloon bouquets.

Alternatively, you could plan a party just for the two of you. Go all out on delicious party food and create a playlist with all their favourite songs.

Take on a challenge together

Do you feel like you’ve gotten too comfortable together? Then it could be time to get your adrenaline pumping by taking on a fresh challenge. You could plan a rewarding hike, bike ride or even a swim in the ocean.

Trying something new is the perfect way to make an anniversary memorable.

Organise some pampering

With hair and beauty salons gradually reopening in the UK, could you treat your partner to some long overdue pampering? Book them in with their favourite professional and watch them come back looking and feeling like a new person.

It could be the ideal way to apologise for a below-par lockdown haircut…

Revisit your first date

Even if you’ve gone on hundreds of dates during your time together, your first will always be one of the most memorable. Recreating it by revisiting a certain café, park or another nostalgic location will show them just how much you think of them.

You could even try to remember the topics you talked about or attempt to retake a much-loved photo.

Whatever option you settle on for your anniversary, simply spending quality time together will be enough to make it special.

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